A refrigerator is a must-have for any Indian home. In a country where we spend the majority of the year in a hot and humid climate, a fridge not only helps keep food fresh but also helps you have that chilled drink to refresh yourself. Over the past few years, the Indian home appliance market has evolved to see some of the best brands in the world competing for our attention. This has made it a buyers market in the true sense, for there is something for every requirement and budget.

Godrej was the first brand that brought modern refrigerators to India, and we have since seen brands from all over the world coming here. From Godrej to Haier, LG, and Whirlpool, you have numerous brands and fridge types to choose from. This also makes it hard to pick one product. To help you find the best single door refrigerator in India, we have reviewed the top 10 best refrigerators in India, including what they offer, features, and the overall value for money they provide.

Along with that, we will also cover what features you must consider and our recommendation for the best single door fridge in India. All of this will help you find a fridge that meets your requirements and provides an energy-efficient and value for money operation. We have divided our reviews of the best fridges into 3 price ranges- between ₹15,000 to ₹20,000; between ₹15,000 and ₹12,000; and under ₹12,000/₹10000. This will help you to find one that is exactly in your budget range. With that, let’s see what are the best refrigerators in the market and what you get with them.

Between ₹15,000 to ₹20,000

This economical 190L single-door fridge is made for small families of up to 2-3 members. What makes this one of the best single door fridge in India is the way its storage space is designed. The vegetable tray is the largest in this segment, providing sufficient space to store a lot of vegetables. The chiller tray can easily accommodate 5 water bottles of 1-litre each to ensure that there is always chilled water available. All the shelves are of toughened glass and can support 120kg of weight. The door also has storage space for 2.25-litre bottles.

This is a BEE 5-star rated fridge, which means it provides maximum energy efficiency. It consumes around 120 units in a year as per BEE tests. Further, this can easily run on any inverter used in homes during a power cut. This refrigerator will require manual defrosting. The refrigerator has a low-noise operation. Along with the trusted name of Godrej, you get a 1-year warranty on the entire product and 10-year warranty on its compressor.

  • Compact design with maximum storage
  • 5-star energy efficiency rating
  • Works with any home inverter during power cuts
  • Frost can develop in the freezer, needs regular manual defrosting
  • Not recommended for larger families
  • Less storage area in the freezer

This direct-cool refrigerator has a 235L capacity with one of the fastest freezers in the segment. The vegetable basket has a 21-litre capacity and there are 3 full-size and 4 half-sized baskets in the door. There is a special base stand that provides additional storage space where you can store vegetables like potatoes, onions, etc. A separate egg tray is also installed in the door.

The vegetable box is designed to ensure the right quantity of moisture is retained to keep vegetables fresh. The lattice type lid collects any moisture that evaporates from the vegetables. This fridge has spill-proof shelves made using toughened glass, tested for holding up to 175kgs. What sets this apart from most other refrigerators is the freezer- tested to form ice in 108 minutes.

This is BEE 4-star rated as per 2020 specifications for energy efficiency. The refrigerator is also ‘Solar Smart’, which means it is compatible with Solar Energy. You do not need any stabilizer with this refrigerator as it works in a 90~310V voltage range. You can also connect it to any inverter and keep the refrigerator running in case of power cuts. No separate installation is required for this LG refrigerator and it can be plugged in and used as delivered. There is a 1-year warranty on the refrigerator and 10-years on its compressor.

  • No stabilizer required and can also work on solar power
  • Noiseless operation
  • Great after-sales service by LG
  • Not frost-free, manual defrosting required
  • Only 4-star rated, could be more energy efficient
  • Door cooling significantly less than the rest of the refrigerator

This single door refrigerator from Samsung has a capacity of 192 litres. It uses a digital inverter compressor that helps provide more efficient cooling, thus decreasing electricity consumption. Due to this, the noise output is also decreased and overall life of the appliance also increases. The fridge does not require an external voltage stabilizer and it has one built in. It is compatible to work with electricity generated from solar energy in the 100-300V voltage range. You can use it with a home inverter as well.

The shelves in this fridge are of toughened glass, capable of supporting a load up to 175 KGs. There is an additional drawer in the base stand to store vegetables that have to be kept at room temperature. This space is not included in the 192 litre storage and is extra. The fridge has a large vegetable box to keep them fresh for long. The gasket is anti-bacterial, keeping the door liner clean and fridge free of bacteria and fungi. There is a clear lamp inside to help you find stuff inside easily. The freezer is not frost free and a periodic manual defrosting is required.

Samsung backsthis fridge with a 1-year comprehensive warranty, with a 10-year extended warranty on the compressor.

  • Glass shelves are suitable for keeping heavy loads
  • Clean and hygienic interior due to anti-bacterial gasket
  • Compatible with solar-energy generated electricity
  • Manual defrosting required at least once a week
  • Freezer cooling power could be better
  • Energy savings not at par with other 4-star refrigerators

Between ₹12,000 to ₹15,000

Whirlpool Single-Door Inverter Refrigerator, 190L 4-star

This single-door refrigerator from Whirlpool has a 190L capacity. The bottle rack can store 3 bottles of 2 Litres. The glass shelves are made using toughened glass, but there is no official maximum load specified by Whirlpool. The vegetable storage box is extra large and has a moisture slider that allows you to maintain the optimum moisture setting for freshness. There is a separate drawer in the refrigerator base that can be used to store additional vegetables like potatoes and onions. This storage space is extra and not included in its 190 Litre capacity.

The freezer has stackable trays and a quick chill zone. This allows for maximum utilisation of the available area. The freezer is not frost-free and has to be defrosted manually. This refrigerator does not require an external stabilizer as it has one built-in. The refrigerator works with any home inverter as well. In case of a power cut and lack of backup, Whirlpool claims that the refrigerator maintains temperature for around 9 hours.

The refrigerator has a 1-year warranty along with 10 years on the compressor. It is BEE 4-star rated for energy efficiency. Overall, this refrigerator is a good one for small families of up to 3 members. The temperature retention for long durations makes it one of the top 10 best refrigerators in India especially for those households where power cuts are frequent.

  • Excellent coolness retention even during a powercut
  • Extra storage space at the base for vegetables
  • Moisture content in the vegetable storage box can be adjusted
  • Not frost free, requires manual defrost
  • Customers report that external surface can heat up in highly humid conditions
  • Storage racks are less strong than other refrigerators in this range

This single-door direct-cool refrigerator from Haier comes with a 195L storage capacity. The large capacity vegetable box has multi-airflow to keep them fresh for longer. The shelves are made of toughened glass that can support heavy pans and pots with ease. The refrigerator door uses PUF (Polyurethane rigid foam) in its insulation that allows for retention of lower temperatures, providing better and more efficient cooling. The 4-star BEE rating means it is also highly efficient in energy consumption.

This Haier has a 1-hour icing feature that forms ice in less just 60 minutes. This is not a refrigerator with frost-free operation, which means manual defrosting will be required. No stabilizer is required as it supports stabilizer free operation even when the voltage falls to 135V.

This is a well-designed refrigerator that is available in a variety of colours. Being BEE 4-star rated, it consumes only 130 units in 1 year. You get a 10-year warranty on the compressor along with a year’s warranty on the overall product. Suitable for a family of 2-3, this refrigerator from Haier is a budget pick with good features.

  • 60-minute icing technology
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • No base storage drawer
  • Chiller tray design needs improvement as it is not completely sturdy
  • Lacks ventilation in the vegetable storage box

This single-door refrigerator from Samsung is direct-cool, providing a storage capacity of 192 litres. The storage space is enough for 2-3 family members. One of the highlights of this refrigerators is its digital inverter compressor, which not only makes it energy efficient but also more durable. It is rated 4-stars for energy efficiency, consuming just around 130 units in a year.

This refrigerator is safe from power fluctuations due to the in-built stabilizer, which also means no external stabilizer is required. You can also use it with electricity generated from solar power in the 100-300V voltage range. The door compartments are designed to allow storage of large bottles up to 2litres safely without toppling over every time you open the door. This is a direct-cool refrigerator and will require manual defrost periodically to remove ice build-up in the freezer.

There is a large-capacity ‘Vege box’ that you can use to store fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh. The shelves are of toughened glass, tested for supporting up to 175 kgs of weight. The gasket of this refrigerator is anti-bacterial, ensuring that the door liner stays clean and no fungi or bacteria build up inside it. While Samsung states that this refrigerator is certified for working for 21 years, it only offers a 10-year warranty on the compressor along with a year’s warranty on the overall product.

  • Anti bacterial gasket keeps refrigerator hygienic from inside
  • Sturdy racks for holding heavy items
  • Well-designed door compartments for storing multiple items
  • Noise generation could be lower
  • Ice builds up in freezer, requires periodic defrosting
  • High water output from condenser as compared to other refrigerators

This 190L direct cool refrigerator from Whirlpool comes with wired shelves for storage. There are 2 shelves and a special area for dairy and big bottles to make storage more efficient. The door racks are designed to support the storage of 2L bottles with ease, and you can easily store 3 of them. The vegetable box/crisper has a large capacity, suitable to store enough for a family of 2-3. You can use the moisture slider for maintaining the right amount of moisture in the storage area. There is a quick-chill compartment under the freezer, useful for chilling milk-packets and cans.

The freezer is large and has stackable trays for ice, which helps in making maximum use of the available storage space. The airtight gasket of this fridge is removable, which makes it easy to clean and helps in maintaining a hygienic fridge. The freezer is not frost-free, so you will have to manually defrost it periodically. The stabilizer is in-built, removing the need to get an external voltage stabilizer for operation between 130V and 300V voltage levels. It retains cooling for up to 9 hours in case of a power cut.

The refrigerator is BEE 3-star rated for energy efficiency. There is a lower-priced model with BEE 2-star rating too, but it is not worth the small savings considering the energy savings you will get in the long run. You get a 1-year comprehensive warranty and 10-years on the compressor.

  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Sufficient storage space for small families
  • Retains cooling for up to 9 hours, ideal for areas with frequent power cuts
  • Wired shelves less stable than glass shelves
  • Only 3-star BEEenergy efficiency rating
  • No auto-defrosting, has to be done manually

LG Single Door Direct-Cool Refrigerator, 190L 4-Star

LG’s 4-star rated direct-cool refrigerator provides 190 litres of storage space. This fridge has toughened glass shelves that are spill-proof and easy to clean. These have been load-tested to support up to 175kgs of load on each. The vegetable storage is a lattice-type box that is designed for maintaining an optimum temperature and moisture levels to keep vegetables fresh. The gasket is easy to clean, helping the fridge to stay hygienic and healthy for long.

This refrigerator uses LG’s advanced technology for making ice, doing so in just 108 minutes While this is not the fastest in this segment (some refrigerators have 60-minute ice making), it is still decent. Manual defrosting is needed in this direct-cool refrigerator, since it does not offer frost-free operation. There is no need for an external stabilizer since it has one in-built and runs between 90V to 310V easily. Being BEE 4-star rated for energy efficiency, it has low power consumption consuming just 131 units in a year. It also works seamlessly with home inverters during a power cut without any extra load.

This fridge is backed by a 1-year comprehensive warranty along with 10-years on its compressor. LG also provides you free gas replacement in this period if required. The brand’s customer care is excellent, making this a great budget pick for most families.

  • Energy efficient operation
  • Large storage space with sturdy shelves
  • Provides almost noiseless operation
  • No extra compartments for vegetable storage
  • Door compartments not suitable for storing large bottles
  • No quick-chill/freeze zone
Fridge under ₹10000/₹12000

Godrej Single Door Direct Cool Refrigerator, 190L 2-star

Godrej’s 120-litre direct-cool refrigerator is a single-door and value for money product. The refrigerator has 2 wired shelves along with a separate box for vegetable storage, which has a moisture control slider so that you can keep veggies fresh for longer. The freezer compartment is equipped with stackable ice trays. There is no automatic defrosting, so you have to manually do that at least once a week. The door compartments are designed to allow optimal usage of available storage space. You can easily store large 2L bottles and many items in the door.

It is BEE 2-star rated for energy efficiency, consuming around 208 units per year. This unit has stabilizer free operation, so you do not need to buy an external stabilizer. You get a 10-year warranty on the fridge’s compressor and a 1-year comprehensive warranty. No separate installation is required with this fridge, you can start using it as delivered.

  • Affordable
  • Spacious door storage
  • Durable product with excellent service from Godrej
  • Needs frequent manual defrosting
  • Wire racks are of lower quality as compared to toughened glass
  • No quick-chill zone

Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator, 181L 2-Star

This single-door refrigerator from Haier has a 181-litre storage capacity. It uses their proprietary ‘Diamond edge’ technology for freezing, which helps in faster and more efficient ice formation. Like all Haier fridges, it has a PUF insulation that provides better retention of the cooler temperature. The refrigerant used in it is R600a, which has a lower GWP or Global Warming Potential, making this a comparatively environment-friendly choice.

It has shelves made of toughened glass, making it a good choice for storing heavy pans and pots. The fridge has an anti-fungal gasket that can be washed and ensures a hygienic and bacteria-free fridge. You do not need an external stabilizer with it. It is BEE 2-star rated for energy efficiency, consuming around 210 units in a year. Warranty is 1-year on the product with 10-years on its compressor.

  • Durable and easy to clean shelves
  • The freezer is capable of fast cooling
  • Environment-friendly choice
  • Manual defrosting is required, no automatic defrosting
  • Door shelves not suitable for large/ tall bottles
  • Only 2-star energy efficiency

To know about importance of star rating for refrigerator read the post

Single-Door Refrigerator Buying Guide

Now that you know which are the best products in the market, choosing from among them is the next thing to do. So how do you pick the best single door fridge in India as per your requirements? To help you answer just that, we will go over the most important features and considerations that you must keep in mind.

Direct Cooled v/s Frost-Free Refrigerators

The first thing that you have to decide is whether to go for a direct cooled or a frost-free refrigerator.

Direct Cooled Refrigerators:

 As the name suggests, in a directly cooled fridge, the cooling happens through convection. Due to this, you do not have much control over how cool different areas within the refrigerator may get. This also causes ice-build up especially in the freezer and may involve manual or automatic defrosting. Most single-door refrigerators and older ones use direct-cool technology. It is still commonly used in the more economical refrigerators.


  • More energy efficient as compared to frost-free refrigerators
  • Economical- lower priced and lower operational cost
  • Ideal for smaller families and households that need less capacity


  • Frequent ice buildup, especially in the freezer, will require defrosting
  • Cooling may be uneven, some areas may be colder than others
  • Not suitable for larger households due to limited storage space

 Frost Free Refrigerators

 As the name suggests, there is no frost or ice build-up in these refrigerators. Most modern fridges, especially double and triple doored ones, are frost-free. These refrigerators use special fans for the distribution of cold air. This provides more efficiency and even cooling, but also consumes more electricity. However, frost-free refrigerators also last longer and are suitable for larger families in areas where frequent refrigeration is required.

There is no ice buildup so no manual defrosting is needed in frost-free refrigerators. Also, the freezer compartment is separate in most models.

  • Hassle-free, no manual defrosting
  • Larger capacity
  • Separate freezer compartments, suitable for deep freezing too
  • Cost significantly more than direct cool refrigerators
  • Consumer more electricity
  • Larger and occupy the greater area, not suitable for homes with limited space

Inverter Technology

In a refrigerator, the compressor goes on and off at regular intervals to maintain the desired temperature. This process consumes more electricity. In a fridge that uses inverter technology, the compressor does not switch off but works at varying speed levels. It goes to a lower speed level (thus consuming lower energy) when the desired temperature is reached, switching to a higher speed when more cooling is required. This helps conserve almost 20-30% of electricity while maintaining the same or even better cooling capacity. A refrigerator with inverter technology may cost slightly more but will provide significant savings in the long run.

In-built stabilizer/ stabilizer free operation

Any drastic fluctuations in the voltage can damage your electrical appliances, especially large appliances like a refrigerator. A voltage stabilizer protects the appliance from fluctuating voltage levels. Most modern fridges have an in-built voltage stabilizer so that you do not need to get an external voltage stabilizer. This saves you an additional purchase and protects the refrigerator.

Which are the best refrigerator brands in India?

When it comes to finding the best single door refrigerator in India, the brand matters a lot. You need to ensure that the brand is reputed and makes durable products, after-sales service is good and available in your city, etc. All these things help ensure that you get the best value for money in the form of a long-lasting and durable refrigerator. Let us see some of the most known brands for the best single door fridge in India.


LG India has been one of the most trusted brands for home appliances. Going by their motto of ‘Life’s Good’, LG manufactures high-quality and durable products. They have pan-India service presence, offer excellent after-sales support, and have a variety in every segment. You can get all types of refrigerators, including single or double door, direct cool, frost-free, etc. including your choice of features like stabilizer free operation, inverter technology, and more.


Whirlpool is another popular brand in home appliances in India. Especially with refrigerators, it is known for innovation and features like Intellisense and their AI microprocessor, that help it to regulate the temperature of items inside the fridge based on the outside temperature. Whirlpool also has good after-sales service, and under their ‘Magi Care’ assurance, offers engineer visits within 24 hours of complaint registration.


Godrej is the brand known for bringing the first line of affordable refrigerators to India. It has one of the most loyal customer bases, with customers refusing to switch to any other brand. Their refrigerators are affordable, with options available in every range. Their refrigerators are also the most environmentally friendly of the lot- having the least Global Warming Potential and zero ozone depletion potential. The brand offers an excellent after-sales service.


Samsung is another brand that needs no introduction. This is another favourite brand in the home appliance segment, and its refrigerators live up to this reputation. The USP of their refrigerators is the way storage compartments are designed, which offer more storage as compared to other brands’ products with the same capacity. They have a pan-India presence, offering excellent service across the country.


Haier came to India in 2003 and gained popularity with their bottom-mounted fridges. The brand has since grown in popularity, offering more affordable products as compared to its competitors. One of their distinguishing features in refrigerators is the 1-hour cool technology, designed to provide quick cooling in less than an hour. Their advanced refrigerators are energy-efficient and feature-loaded.

Efficient usage of refrigerator

Even after you take care of all aspects like energy consumption, star rating, etc., there are still a few things that you can do to ensure that your refrigerator functions efficiently and lasts longer. We will go over a few tips that you can follow to ensure the best performance and energy consumption from a refrigerator.

Refrigerator placement

Ensure that there is a few inches gap between the fridge’s back and the wall. This lets air circulate behind it and provides more efficient operation.

Clean the coils

Switch off the fridge and clean the exposed coils periodically. Formation of dust and dirt on them can increase the load as it has to do more effort to cool.

Cool things before putting them in

Don’t put hot items directly in the fridge- let them cool down for a while before placing them inside. Try to get food as close to room temperature as possible before putting it inside. Extra hot items make the fridge work harder, consuming more electricity.

Defrost regularly (for direct-cool fridges)

If your fridge is not frost-free, you will have to defrost it manually. Do it at least twice a week. This ensures that there is minimal ice-build up inside the fridge, which helps it run and cool efficiently.

Regulate the temperature setting

In a country like India, where temperatures vary throughout the year, you do not need to keep the fridge on the same setting throughout. Change the fridge’s setting based on the weather. Most models will have instructions on how cool you have to keep them during summers, winters, and monsoons.

Recommendations: What should you prefer?

All this information can be a bit too much to consider at one go. To make it easier for you, here are the top recommendations for each feature/aspect to help you choose the best fridge for all your needs.


For bachelors and a small family (2-3 people in the home), capacity around 180-190 litre range is sufficient. Along with the total capacity, 2 other related things must be considered- a large vegetable storage area for keeping them fresh for longer, and a separate storage compartment in addition to the main storage area. The extra storage space is beneficial for storing vegetables like potatoes and onions that don’t need refrigeration.


Most standard fridge warranties are 1 year on the unit and 10 years on the compressor. Along with that, do ensure that the brand has a service centre in your city so that claiming the warranty is easier if the need arises.

Electricity Consumption

The BEE rating is standardized and makes it easy to compare the energy efficiency of refrigerators without diving too much into other numbers. This rating, which goes from 1 star to 5 stars, where 5 is the most efficient, gives you an idea of how energy-efficient your product is. The higher the star rating, the lesser is its electricity consumption. Try to ensure that you get at least a 3-star rated product. Higher star-rated products may cost more but will save you more money in the long run.

Freezer positioning

Most refrigerators in India have a top-mount freezer. This provides easier access and convenience. There are fridges with bottom-mount freezers as well, but these are more expensive and require you to bend down every time you need to access it. In most cases, a top-mount freezer is better and value for money choice.


Shelf-type is another important feature. Toughened glass shelves can take more weight than wired shelves, so they are a better choice if you will be storing heavy pans and pots in the fridge. You can also go with a fridge that is environmentally friendly by choosing one with a lower GWP (Global Warming Potential). A stabilizer free-operation and compatibility with solar-power generated electricity are a few other features to consider.

Caution –  Avoid these common mistakes

When buying a fridge, knowing what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. A few common mistakes that you must avoid to get the most out of your investment are discussed ahead.

Not checking if the fridge ‘fits’ in your home

Capacity is not the only thing to consider. While a larger capacity fridge may seem like the ideal choice, it also means that the fridge will take up more space in your home. Not checking if you have sufficient space to place the fridge is a common mistake.

Ignoring any noise from the fridge

All modern fridges have an almost noiseless operation. This is one of the first things to check when you get the fridge. It should not make any noise, or the noise should be extremely low. In case you feel this is not the case, do get it checked by the brand’s service professionals. You will have a 10-15 day replacement window with most e-commerce websites, so ensure that this is the first thing you check.

Not planning the budget

With so many fridges available in the market, not planning your budget can make it tough to find the right product. Always have a fixed budget before you start looking. This helps you to stay within range and get the best available option.

Not considering the energy cost

A fridge will be running and consuming energy 24 hours a day. Thus, you need to consider the electricity cost while making your choice. Star rating and annual electricity consumption are both important metrics here. A 5-star rated product may cost slightly more initially, but it will add up to significant savings in the long run.

Not doing sufficient research

Like any other home appliance, there are a variety of features available in fridges. You need to do your research and ensure that you get a fridge that meets all your requirements in terms of storage, cooling power, electricity consumption, etc. Paying extra for fancy features that you may not have any use for is a common mistake that happens due to lack of research.


What is the best size of the refrigerator?

A 180-190 litre refrigerator is ideal for most homes with 2-3 members. Additional features like door shelves designed for large bottles, additional shelf for vegetables, quick-chill tray, etc must be considered to make optimum use of storage space.

Does my refrigerator need annual maintenance?

Most modern refrigerators do not require any annual maintenance, apart from regular cleaning that can be done at home.

Do most refrigerators come standard with an automatic defrost function?

Modern refrigerators include automatic defrosting to avoid ice formation. However, the freezer may still require manual defrosting in case of direct-cool fridges. Frost-free refrigerators do not require any manual defrosting.

What should be the ideal temperature of the refrigerator?

The ideal fridge temperature is between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius, while the freezer compartment must be below 0 degree Celsius. Making the fridge colder than this increases the risk of food items especially vegetables rotting faster.

Why should we buy a single door refrigerator?

Single door refrigerators occupy less space and are also more energy-efficient as compared to larger frost-free refrigerators. For most homes with 2-3 members, a single-door fridge is a value for money choice in terms of its price and the running cost.

Take your time to research, and you will make the right choice

With all this, you now have a good idea of what to consider while shopping for the best single door refrigerator in India. Considering all factors that we discussed above, LG’s 190 litre Direct-Cool refrigerator is one of the top choices for single-door refrigerators. With its 4-star energy efficient rating, inverter compressor, high-capacity cooling, and durable build, it is the ideal blend of features, efficiency, and value for money. With LG’s reputation for excellent customer service, you cannot go wrong with this fridge.

Whirlpool’s 190 Litre Single-Door Refrigerator is another quality pick. This fridge offers you Whirlpool’s innovation in cooling technology along with a spacious and well-designed fridge. With its stabilizer free operation, inverter technology, and 9-hour retention of cooling in case of a power-cut, it is a feature-rich choice for all kinds of households.

Thus, with all features considered and adequate research, you can easily take your pick and get the right fridge for your home. Take your time and explore the market before you make a choice- and this will help you to get a value for money product that is energy efficient and lasts for several years without any issues.