7 Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen in India (2023) – Reviews & Guide


Kitchen exhaust fans are an essential part of any kitchen. They help to keep the air in your kitchen clean and free from odors, smoke, and other contaminants. Also it helps to circulate air throughout the kitchen, ensuring that all areas are ventilated properly.

In this article, we will discuss how exhaust fan for kitchen work and the benefits they offer. We will also look at different types of exhaust fans available on the market today, as well as tips for selecting the right one for your needs. By understanding how these appliances work and their advantages, you can make sure that your kitchen is properly ventilated and safe from contaminants.

With all these benefits, it is no wonder why an exhaust fan for kitchen in India is essential.

We have done thorough research and testing to find the best kitchen exhaust fans in india. You can take a closer look at each product to decide which one fits your needs perfectly.

Below are the Best options available in India

Luminous Vento Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom

Luminous Vento Deluxe 150 mm Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom with Strong Air Suction, Rust Proof Body and Dust Protection Shutters (2-Year Warranty, White)

The Luminous Vento Deluxe 150mm is an industrial-grade exhaust fan. Its powerful motor and blades create a strong air suction that can be used to quickly and easily remove smoke, odors and dust from any room in your home. Our designers also made sure the fan would look good in any kitchen or bathroom, featuring a rust-proof body and splash-proof shutters for added protection.

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Havells Ventil Air DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan

Havells Ventil Air DSP 230mm Exhaust Fan (Choco Brown) (FHVVEMTBRN09)

Add a touch of class to your home or office with an elegant wall mounted fan.Havells Ventil Air DSP  is value for money product with latest features that add a distinctive touch to your home or office. It is has advanced features like single speed fan, wall-mountable and robust motor with continuous running of fan with high exhuastive power together with latest DSP technology.

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Usha Crisp Air 150mm Sweep Size, 240mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan (White)

Usha Crisp Air 150mm Sweep Size, 240mm Duct Size Exhaust Fan (White)

Don’t let dust and dirt contaminate the air of your bathroom or kitchen. The Usha Crisp Air 150mm Duct Fan is designed to efficiently remove dust and debris from the air. With a sleek aerodynamically designed metal blade, the Usha Crisp Air 150mm Duct Fan provides a powerful yet silent operation. And with its four-speed settings, it also has a convenient timer function that can be used to turn off automatically after 8, 12, or 16 hours of operation.

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Atomberg Efficio 250mm (sweep size) BLDC motor Energy Saving Exhaust Fan (Brown)

atomberg Efficio 250mm (sweep size) BLDC motor Energy Saving Exhaust Fan (Brown)

The Atomberg Efficio 250mm exhaust fan is the ideal bathroom or kitchen ventilation solution for your home. Featuring a sleek design with five blades, it provides high air delivery output of 1150 CMH and 1300 RPM. You’ll love the Stylish finish with unique gloss finish. Ideal for Bathroom & Kitchen spaces, this energy efficient fan is best used during indoor activities like cooking, showering and laundry.

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USHA Aeroclean 230MM Exhaust Fan for Kitchen

USHA Aeroclean 230MM Goodbye Oil and Dust Metal Exhaust Fan for Kitchen(Metallic Grey)

USHA Aeroclean 230MM is a powerful fan with metal blades and a built-in oil and dust lacquer that’s oil and moisture resistant. This metal blade fan is ideal for kitchens helping to keep the oil and grease away. With its highest level of durability, you can trust this metal blade fan to continue working flawlessly for years to come.Its powerful motor delivers 100% high air suction performance, so it can easily handle the toughest tasks.

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Anchor by panasonic Kool Air – 250mm Exhaust Fan

anchor by panasonic Kool Air - 250mm Exhaust Fan | Exhaust fan for bathroom, Kitchen (White) (14088WH)

Panasonic’s Kool-exhaust fan is designed to provide maximum airflow, pressure, and extraction from your kitchen or bathroom. When cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, the fan can help you create a more comfortable environment. It also comes with an automatic thermal overload protector for extra safety. Aesthetic design with powerful motor and rust-proof body and blades.

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Crompton Brisk Air 250 mm (10 inch) Exhaust Fan

Crompton Brisk Air 250 mm (10 inch) Exhaust Fan for Kitchen, Bathroom and Office (White)

Perfect for those who need to operate a powerful and fast exhaust fan in small spaces or can’t endure the hassle of replacing their old fans every now and then. Crompton 250 mm is designed with rust-proof body, metallic grill, and powerful 1250 RPM motor to remove the unpleasant smell and keep your home or workplace clean. .

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How to Choose the Right Exhaust Fan for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right exhaust fan for your kitchen is an important decision. It’s not just about getting the right size and style, but also making sure that it meets your needs in terms of ventilation, noise level, and energy efficiency. With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision when selecting an exhaust fan for your kitchen.


Choosing an exhaust fan for your kitchen can be a difficult task. Not only do you need to pick the right size, you also need to make sure it has the necessary features to keep your home well ventilated and free of smoke and odors. Before you buy a kitchen fan exhaust for your home, make sure that you consider the size of your kitchen and measure the vent to be certain it will fit.

Noise Level

The noise level of an exhaust fan should be between 45-50 dB. Choose a fan that’s noise-free or operates at very low noise.

A good exhaust fan will have a noise level of less than 50 decibels or dB. This means that you won’t hear any sound coming from the fan while it’s running. Not all fans will be this quiet though – some may be louder than others, but they shouldn’t make more than 50dB.

Power consumption:

It is important to choose an exhaust fan that consumes less power so that it won’t add too much cost to your electricity bill.

Types of blades:

For your safety and comfort, it is important to select the right type of blade material for your exhaust fan. There are two common types of blades: metal and plastic.

Plastic is lighter, cheaper, and more durable. Plus, it is much easier to clean and maintain.

Metal is typically used in industrial and household applications, whereas plastic materials are typically used in home kitchen/bathroom..


You should make sure that your exhaust fan has a sleek design so that it can blend with your kitchen decor and doesn’t look out of place. If you’re looking for a design that is both beautiful and functional, consider installing a fan with blades that move in circular motion rather than linear motion.


In India, we have a lot of known brands for exhaust fans, see below for some of the top brands

  • Luminous- The best brand for you in your budget.

  • Havells- Reliable and durable products that are crafted to last.

  • Usha- Choose the most energy efficient products to save you power bills and the environment.

  • Crompton – Quality products that would last longer than life time of your appliance.

  • Bajaj – A classic and trustworthy name with a large variety of models


The best and most affordable exhaust fan price for kitchen are usually in the 1000 – 5000rs range, but more expensive models exist that are better suited for larger spaces.


Which brand is best for kitchen exhaust fan?

There are numerous brands to chose from when it comes to kitchen exhaust fans.Your particular needs and spending limit will determine the finest brand. Havells, Crompton, and Usha are a few of the most recognised brands in India. 

Which company exhaust fan is better?

It can be difficult to make a choice among several exhaust fan manufacturers. It’s crucial to take into account elements like warranty, power usage, and noise level. Reputable businesses that provide a variety of exhaust fans in India include Havells and Crompton. 

Which side of an exhaust fan is best for kitchen?

The kitchen’s layout and design will determine the optimum side to place the exhaust fan.To efficiently eliminate smoke and odours, the fan ought to be placed as near as practical to the cooking area.

Is exhaust fan effective in kitchen?

Surely, exhaust fans can be quite useful in clearing the kitchen of smoke and odours.So it’s crucial to pick the appropriate fan for your needs and make sure it’s installed properly.

How do I choose an exhaust fan?

Think about things like size, noise level, and airflow rate when selecting an exhaust fan. It’s crucial to pick a fan that fits properly in your kitchen and has a sufficient airflow rate to remove smoke and odours. 

Which exhaust fan is best plastic or metal?

Exhaust fans made of plastic and metal each have benefits and drawbacks.Metal fans are more robust but might be heavier and more expensive, while plastic fans are more portable and less priced. 

Which exhaust fan, a three or four blade kind, is better suited? 

The performance and noise level of an exhaust fan can be impacted by the number of blades.A 3-blade fan is typically more energy-efficient and quieter, whereas a 4-blade fan could have better airflow.

Which size of exhaust fan is best?

Your kitchen’s size should determine the size of your exhaust fan.A larger fan with a higher airflow speed is needed for a larger kitchen.

What are the different types of exhaust fan?

Exhaust fans come in a variety of designs, including inline, wall, and ceiling mounted models.The structure and style of the kitchen will decide what kind is ideal. 

What differentiate an exhaust fan from a ventilation fan? 

Despite having a similar feature, ventilation and exhaust fans work differently.The primary function of ventilation fans is to introduce fresh air into the space, whereas the purpose of exhaust fans is to remove stale air and odours.

How do I know which fan is more powerful?

CFM is the unit used to measure an exhaust fan’s power (cubic feet per minute).Consider the size of your kitchen and the airflow rate needed to remove smoke and odours when selecting a fan.

How do I choose CFM for my kitchen exhaust fan?

Calculate the volume of your kitchen (length, width, and height) then multiply that result by 15 to determine the ideal CFM for your kitchen exhaust fan. You will receive the bare minimum CFM needed for your kitchen as a result. 

What is the recommended exhaust fan speed?

Typically, the required exhaust fan speed is expressed in CFM (cubic feet per minute). A minimum of 100 CFM is advised for a regular kitchen in order to remove smoke and odours properly. However, a higher CFM rating could be required for larger kitchens or more intensive cooking.


In this article, we have listed the best exhaust fans in india. We hope you like our list and will try to find the one that suits your needs.

The conclusion of this article is that there are a lot of options out there, but it all boils down to what you want your fan to do. If you want something that is high-quality and has a long lifespan, then go for an expensive option. However, if you want something more affordable , then go for the budget option.


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