Top 12 Best Mixer Grinder with Juicer in India (2024) – Review & Buyers Guide

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Indian cooking and cuisines are versatile – from the ingredients to the preparation, recipes, and taste. With such a broad range of ingredients and recipes, you want all the help you can get to make it easier. A mixer grinder (also known as a blender or a food processor) is one of the must-have appliances in any kitchen. From fresh juices to chutneys, soups, gravies, etc., you can make a lot with the top Grinder in India.

Most of us are familiar with the loud sound of a mixer grinder working- grinding masalas and preparing chutneys for us. Over the years, mixer grinders have evolved and gotten a lot better. You can use them to create fresh masalas at home, get fruit and vegetable juices to keep your diet healthy and preservative-free and use them for everyday cooking.

Getting the best mixer in India is no small investment. When you get a high-quality mixer grinder, you get an appliance that will last several years, providing you with peak performance. But what are your choices when shopping for India’s top juicer mixer grinder? What are the features you need to consider- from different functions to jars offered with it, operating modes, durability, brand, etc? Let’s start with the top 12 India’s best mixer grinders and see what they ‘bring to the table’ for you!

Top Mixer Grinder in India

Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Prestige Iris 750 Watt

This juicer mixer grinder from Prestige comes with 3 stainless steel blending jars along with a separate juicer attachment. You get a wet and dry grinding jar with 1.5L and 1L capacity, respectively, a chutney jar with 300ml capacity, and a juicer jar with 1.5L capacity. The juice jar is polycarbonate, while all other jars are high-quality stainless steel.

You have 3 different speeds to operate the blade on. This blender uses a 4-blade form that is made of stainless steel. The Grinder runs on a 750W motor, providing 20,000 RPM of grinding power. The operating noise of this blender is around 80-90 decibels, which is decent for the range. An overload protection switch is also built into the unit, protecting the motor from overheating damage.

The 750W motor is ideal for most applications at home. Ensure that you provide a gap of at least 2 minutes after every 5 minutes of continuous use. A 2-year warranty from Prestige backs the blender jar.

  • Multiple attachments for different uses
  • Durable jars of high-quality stainless steel
  • 2-year warranty from Prestige

  • Not powerful enough for spices and dry masalas.
  • Operating noise could be lower
  • No extended warranty on motor
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Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder, 500W

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars (White)

For those who need a top grinder in India that provides sufficient power for most daily applications in the kitchen, the Rex 500W Mixer Grinder from Rex is one worth considering. You get 3 jars with this Grinder- a 0.3L jar for chutneys and 0.8L and 1.2L jars for multiple uses. All jars are made of stainless steel. All jars have easy-grip handles to use the blender without any undesirable movement securely. However, the body is not transparent, so you must stop blending and open the lid to check inside every time.

The blade runs at a maximum speed of 20,000 RPM, which is enough to handle most of your kitchen blending requirements. You get a 3-speed motor with this blender and an incher that allows momentary operation. The multi-functional blades make it an efficient mixer grinder.

The ABS plastic used in its construction adds to the overall durability and does not get colored due to turmeric and other Indian spices frequently used in cooking. The body is rust-proof and highly durable. Bajaj provides a 1-year warranty on the product.

  • Multipurpose jars suitable for various applications
  • Jars and body do not get discolored easily
  • Vacuum surface on the lower body prevents slipping when in use

  • Non-transparent jars need to stop and open the lid to check
  • Power is not sufficient for grinding dry masalas
  • High operating noise compared to other grinders
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Lifelong Power Pro 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

Lifelong Power Pro

Lifelong might not be a proper household brand for everyone, nor might it come close to the quality and exposure that other brands like Bajaj and Prestige have gotten, but it measures up to both of them when making Mixer Grinders. Among the other 500W mixer grinders on this list, the Lifelong Power Pro might not be the best, but it is worth buying with its highly affordable price tag.

For a price tag, almost half of that of Bajaj Rex, the Lifelong Power Pro comes packed with all the features and the build quality that one can expect from Bajaj Rex. It has stainless steel jars engineered for multipurpose grinding, mixing, and juicing.

It comes with a sleek design and 3-speed motor control. As with the Bajaj GX-1, the Lifelong Power Pro has some issues with the lid popping off if not held down while in use. However, the blender has its own rubber gaskets to seal the lids properly. When assembled correctly, it fits the jars even better than the Bajaj GX-1.

After we had taken it apart and taken it to different hardware stores, we found that the parts of this blender are widely available, and you can have almost every part of it replaced, such as the rotating bung and the blades.

  • Lower price range for the same 500W power
  • Good build and stainless steel jars
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Vacuum stands to prevent it from moving during operation
  • Company gives extended warranties in exchange for ‘Good’ reviews
  • Lids need to be pressed down during the operation
  • Smaller-sized jars
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Bajaj GX-1 Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars

Bajaj GX-1 Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars

If you’re still looking for something with the 500W ‘oomph’ but something a little lighter on your wallet, you might want to consider adding Bajaj GX-1 to your options. This mixer-grinder can give you everything that the Bajaj Rex can regarding power, grinding capabilities, and types of available jars.

What accounts for a reduced price tag is how Bajaj has cut corners in its build and design. However, once we cracked this baby open, we found it to have the same motor and components as the Bajaj Rex. The only differences we found were in the external build of the Grinder and slightly higher than the other 500W Mixer Grinders we have tested.

Another issue when using this product is that the blender’s cap came off whenever used unless it was held down. It is not a big issue since blenders are continuously operated under supervision. One should press down on the lid while blending, just like most other blenders in the market. Still, some other products on the list have better lids, so this must be mentioned.

  • Stainless steel blades and jars prevent corrosion
  • Motor overload protection turns off the system if the product overheats
  • Easy grip handles for easy gripping
  • Multifunctional blade system for different purposes
  • High noise levels
  • Not strong enough to grind masalas, such as turmeric
  • The caps don’t fit properly and might come off if not held down in place while grinding
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Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 5 Jars

Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 5 Jars (Black/ Light Grey)

Preethi might be a brand that is not well-known outside of India but is the best one out there according to Francis Kanoi market research. The Preethi MG 218 could have single-handedly outdone all the other grinders on this list with its versatility if not for the high price tag and longevity.

With that said, it is, in no way, a pushover when it comes to a mixer-grinder. It comes with its food processor, capable of kneading, chopping, grating, slicing, and mincing. It comes with suction cups in its leg stands, making it sturdy during operation.

With a 5-jar setup, it has a jar for every occasion. With a 750W Vega W5 motor, it has the raw power to grind any masala into fine powder. What this Grinder gives in power, it trades off in its build quality. Despite its sturdy look and excellent design, this mixer grinder has a slightly lower quality build if we consider the plastics used on its body.

Another downside of this product might be its noise level. It has higher operating noise levels than the other 750W blenders, and its noise levels border those of 1000W blenders. With all things considered, this blender will nowhere give you a bang for your buck but will satisfy all your grinding, juicing, mixing, and food processing needs.

  • 5 Jar set up
  • Food processing capabilities
  • Powerful motor
  • 5-year warranty for the motor and 2 years for its other parts
  • Overpriced
  • High noise levels
  • Poor build quality
  • Slower customer service
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Philips HL7756 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars (Black)

Phillips has been a household brand and a home appliance’s first choice for decades. It should be no surprise that one of its products was made into this list. It has done so for good reason. Even though it’s priced much higher than its 500W counterparts, it is still priced lower than most of the 750-watt mixer grinders in this list. The Phillips HL7756-00 delivers a bang for the buck.

It comes with a chic black and steel color design that goes well together. Add the vast 1.5 Litre liquidizer jar and a 1-liter liter multipurpose jar, and we have a beast of a mixer-grinder. However, compared to its other features, its wet grinder jar (chutney jar) needs to catch up in capacity.

It has an advanced ventilation system keeps the motors in top shape and cool while operating, giving it a run time of 25 minutes straight. It roughly translates into the mixer-grinder being able to grind for 25 minutes straight, at the minimum, before the motor overload protection kicks in and shuts down the appliance until it cools down. It ensures a longer lifespan for the appliance.

Not that you will need the 25mins of grinding straight, because, with a 750W rating, this appliance can grind so well that you won’t even need 2 minutes at most for any of your tasks.

  • High run-time
  • Great aesthetics
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • Large stainless steel jars

  • Small grinder jar
  • Pricey

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars

Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars (Blue/ White)

This mixer-grinder is the second Preethi product on this list. While it falls short in terms of versatility, compared to the previous entry, it more than makes up for it with its lower price. Unfortunately, that still falls in the higher price range.

This mixer grinder operates at 80 Decibels, which is well within the acceptable noise range for 750 Watt mixer grinders. This Grinder comes with a special jar that can be used to grind and store the ground items in an air-tight space. It has standard-sized chutney and masala grinding jars. However, it boasts a massive 1.7 Litre main jar, which is enough for any large family.

The Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond lives up to its name with its aesthetics. It comes in a bright blue and white colored body, with stainless steel jars and fiberglass lids. It provides adequate protection against electrical shocks through a 6-Amp, fused plug, making its body safe to touch.

  • Comes with high-grade nylon couplers
  • Optional grind-and-store, air-tight jar
  • Large, 1.7 Litre main jar
  • Expensive
  • Comparatively smaller mixer-grinding jars
  • Blades are not sharp
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Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder

Sujata Powermatic Plus 900 Watts Juicer Mixer Grinder

Among the 900W category, Sujata mixer grinders are the only ones to have made it into this list of the top juicer mixer grinder in India. While this product may seem expensive at a glance, it is one of the cheapest in the market in the 900W range.

It comes with a juicer, grinder attachments, and a heavy body. The juicer attachment uses a Centrifugal juicer design, making it efficient in squeezing out juices, making it one of the best juicers in India. With a 22000 rpm rotational speed, its blades slice through and mince the ingredients into a fine paste in less than a minute.

However, when it comes to the size, this thing is bulky and will take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter. You need space to spare, or this product will not be recommended.

  • Powerful, 900W motor
  • 22000 rpm maximum blade rotation speed
  • Includes a Centrifugal Juicer
  • Low price among the 900W mixer-grinder range
  • Fiberglass jars
  • Higher electricity consumption
  • Heavy and bulky
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Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Bajaj Twister 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars (White)

Yet again, we find another Bajaj product on the list. With its reliability and build quality, you can’t have enough Bajaj Mixer Grinders. But unlike the previous entries, this Bajaj mixer-grinder packs more power with a higher wattage rating.

In terms of its looks, it might be a bit of a misnomer with its white body and stainless steel jars. Unfortunately, unlike the other products with similar color schemes in this list, this design is not pleasing to the eyes. But what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in performance. But as always, this performance comes at a high price. Of late, this brags a higher price than the Phillips, making it one of the pricier options in the 750W mixer-grinder category.

It comes with a standard 2-year parts warranty and a 5-year motor warranty, but we highly doubt you will need it. It comes with a relatively large dry/wet grinding jar with a capacity of 1 Litre. All of its jars are bigger than the average, making it a good choice if you have a lot of mouths to feed.

  • Comes pre-packaged with multipurpose, interchangeable blades
  • Good build quality
  • Noise levels are normal for a 750W mixer-grinder
  • Standard warranty and service policy
  • Big, stainless steel jars
  • Expensive
  • Aesthetically unappealing
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Havells Aspro, 500W

Havells Aspro is one of the top Juicer mixer grinders in India. Being the most expensive 500W mixer-grinder on the list, it efficiently delivers its money’s worth. It’s heavy on your wallet and pleasing to your eyes.

Its jars come with flow beakers that restrict the flow of the matter inside the container, controlling how much is ground at a time, making it more efficient at grinding and preventing lumps, even after only a short operation.

However, these mixer grinders are heavy, with over 5.5 KGs just for a 500W blender. Even so, this mixer-grinder is not bulky and will only take up a little space on your kitchen counter, even if it takes a bit of muscular energy to move around.

  • Includes flow beakers
  • 21000 rpm blade speed
  • Standard-sized stainless steel jars with a large main jar
  • Visually appealing design
  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4 Jars

Bosch Appliances TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4 Jars (Black)

Nothing can be said about German engineering except that it is the best. Although the Bosch TrueMixx Pro available in India is manufactured locally, being a German franchise, it has to go through the same quality control as the ones made in Germany. So, if you are buying one locally, you can be assured that what you see is what you get: a true marvel of German engineering.

In terms of build quality, this is the best mixer in India. It serves not just as a mixer but also as one of the top grinders in India. It has a high-quality stainless steel body and a stainless steel jar. Its sturdy locking mechanism allows users to use this blender without pressing down on the lid.

It has semi-blunt blades that rotate at 22000 rpm, grinding complex spices into a fine powder, emulating the grinding action of stone pestles and mortars. However, all these high quality and performance come at a hefty price. At such a high price, this is clearly the most expensive mixer grinder in the 750 W category.

  • Sturdy lid lock for hands-free use
  • Stone-pounding technology for better grinding
  • Maxx Juice extractor
  • Good airflow for making the batter
  • Extremely high-quality stainless steel jars
  • Expensive
  • Loud
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Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder, 900W, 3 Jars

Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder, 900W, 3 Jars (White)

Yet another 900W mixer-grinder from Sujata has made it into our list. Unlike the previous one, this one has fewer features, no juicer attachments, and only three jars. And it costs a couple hundred more. Confused? This product is a classical case of “Pricier the better.” What it lacks in features jars, it makes up in quality.

That said, it is better than the Powermatic in terms of build quality with a lighter and less bulky design. If you are looking for a mixer-grinder with many features, including a juicer attachment, and the space to spare in your kitchen, you should choose the Powermatic. If you are looking for something that will withstand the test of time and give you less headache, you should opt for SuperMix 900 instead.

While its build quality is far better than most of the other mixer grinders in this list and its Powermatic brother, it is nothing to write home about; especially when its main jar is not made of stainless steel.

Regardless, if you are looking for a powerful mixer-grinder with reliable performance and don’t want to go broke while buying it, you are better off with a SuperMix 900.

  • Good build quality
  • Sleek design
  • 22000 RPM
  • No vibration
  • 90 minutes of continuous running
  • Fiberglass Jars
  • Expensive
  • Noisy
  • Overheats quickly
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How to choose the right mixer grinder – Buyers Guide

Purchasing a mixer-grinder to suit your purposes might not seem as harrowing as buying a car would be. Yet, when you are facing a salesman pitching for the product he is distributing, you will be left wondering, “If this product is so good, why isn’t it selling more?” or “This sounds so good, but how can I get something for a little less without compromising quality and features?”

This guide intends to help you with these questions and choose the right mixer-grinder for your needs.

Available Brands

When going for a product of any kind, it is first necessary to figure out which best brand of mixer grinder in India. Nowadays, some people consider brand loyalty a vice, and for good reason. With examples like Apple upping their prices on each new release without significant advancements and brands like Symphony shipping out products that break in less than a year, you cannot trust the big names or the smaller ones anymore.

Occasionally, one might get lucky and stumble upon a product with a nameless brand that serves for years and costs only peanuts. But most of the time, going for products not made by a well-known brand is a gamble. While a well-known brand can ensure some form of quality control, sticking to one specific brand for long might give you a tunnel vision and stop you from seeing newer, better-emerging brands.

The easiest solution to these dilemmas is to find and stick to a couple of good brands that suit your needs and likings. Having brand loyalty to more than one brand ensures that you are not being deceived by one specific brand while at the same time keeping your eyes open for better options.

When choosing mixer grinders, there are obvious choices when it comes to branding. A couple of such brands would be:


Two words: German Engineering. The people of all nations unanimously agree that German Engineering is unequivocally the best out there. Among the German brands, Bosch leads the way. Their mixer grinders are long-lasting, reliable, and robust.


If you’re not looking to get broke buying a Bosch, you might want to look for something locally made. But not just any local product would be good enough for your kitchen – it must have a certain standard. Bajaj gives you the highest quality products for a much lower price range than other brands like Phillips and Bosch.


Preethi products compromise in a lot of departments. One might wonder why Preethi is on this list but not Prestige. Well, there’s a reason why Preethi has been deemed as the number one mixer-grinder brand by the Francis Kanoi Market Research: They are long-lasting, can cater to every type of customer needs, and produce high-quality products. While Prestige might offer similar features, they have fewer options and more customizability than Preethi products.

Type of Mixer Grinders

There was a time back yonder when one had to buy a grinder, a blender, a juicer, and a mixer for different purposes. Such days are past, and we have learned to value versatility more than specialism. As such, the blenders we see today are called mixer-grinder for a reason. But what do all these products do?

< robust>Mixers: They consist of blunt blades that rotate about half an inch to an inch high, suitable for stirring and mixing multiple liquids or liquids and solids. It is a handy appliance to have. Luckily, you don’t have to opt for one since it already comes pre-packaged with a ‘mixer’-grinder.

Grinders: These consist of flat, sharp blades that hug the bottom of the jar and rotate at high speeds to grind dry ingredients into fine powders. Modern mixer grinders have hybrid blades elevated near the center and tapered flat at the end to work as both a mixer and a grinder.

Blenders: These consist of sharp blades that rotate above an inch or half from the bottom and cut pieces of solids into such fine pieces that eventually turn them into mush. These are meant for wet ingredients and can be used to make Chutneys. Adding water to the ingredients themselves might allow the user to make juices. However, making juice with blenders will require additional steps like straining and filtering. Some people would instead do this extra step rather than invest a little more time and money in a juicer. If you are such a person, stick with a regular mixer-grinder. All mixer grinders come with this feature.

< robust>Juicers: These appliances not only crush a fruit or vegetable into a fine paste but also have different outlets to expel the fibers and solids and provide the user with clean, ready-to-drink juice. If you don’t mind cleaning up all the nooks and crannies of a juicer afterward, you may benefit from buying the best blenders for smoothies.

Food Processors: These appliances can come with multiple uses, such as chopping, grating, mincing, and pasting. These are usually used to prepare ingredients to be used in different types of cooking. If you feel chopping onions with a knife is time-consuming and complex, you might opt for one. But if you would rather spend the time chopping onions than cleaning and preparing a food processor, this is one product you may need to improve on.

Nowadays, some or all of these features are included in mixer grinders, with mixers and grinders being the common denominator. When buying your appliance, it is essential to decide what kind of work you want to get done with them. If you want an all-purpose blender, mixer, and Grinder, get one without juicer or food processor attachments.

Attachments, Size, Jars and Power

As mentioned in the previous section, a modern mixer grinder may also be used as a juicer or a food processor. But how? The answer lies in the jars. Every mixer-grinder comes with its own set of jars nowadays. And what these jars or attachments do, defines the purpose of the appliance.

For example, a grinder jar will convert your mixer-grinder into a masala-grinder, allowing you to get powders out of whole ingredients. A mixer jar will allow you to make sharbat, lassi, mix drinks, and chutneys. A blender jar or a liquidizing jar, usually the primary jar, will allow you to make juice from fruits and vegetables. Other attachments, such as the “master-chef” attachment for Preethi mixer grinders, would act as food processors (regardless of how the manufacturers decide to name them). A mixed-grinder with a 3-in-1 juicer might save you the hassle of buying a juicer separately.

Apart from choosing the jars based on their uses, it’s also essential to determine the size of a jar beforehand. Most of the standard liquidizing jars come in 1.25 liters of capacity. However, if you have a big family and are aiming to make juices for all of them frequently, you might have to opt for something bigger 1.7 or 2-liter liter jar.

Similarly, if you only intend to grind masala in your Grinder, a 500 grams jar might be enough. However, if you intend to make powder out of rice grains for making Idli, Dosa, and other stuff, 500 grams’ won’t cut it, and you will be forced to go through multiple rounds to meet your grinding needs. So, before purchasing a mixer-grinder, it is also essential to keep the capacity in mind.

Last but not least: power. The wattage of a mixer grinder might be the most critical factor in purchasing a mixer grinder. While all manufacturers would boast about how their mixer grinder can grind spices, it is essential to realize that most are trying to sell their products. While 500W grinders by Bosch might dazzle you with their performance (and lighten your wallet), a 500W Preethi might leave you with cinnamon bits instead of powders. Generally, it would help if you used a 750W or higher-rated mixer-grinder to grind hard ingredients into fine powder or a soft paste. Anything above 750W might be overkill, but it can help you finish the work faster. Anything under 500W would make a sound mixer and a poor grinder.

Mixer Blade types

Depending on what the attachment/jar is supposed to do, they come with different blades. The type and number of blades might differ for every blender, but their underlying principles remain the same. A grinder blade, for example, might have four blades, three blades, or even two blades (spaced equally). However, depending on the wattage, a two-bladed grinder might do the same as a four-bladed one. So, one should consider the number of blades as something other than a deal breaker or sealer.

Apart from that, you can easily recognize the blades from three factors:

  1. Elevation: If a blade is elevated an inch or a half from the bottom, it might be intended for mixing or blending. But a blade, flat on the bottom, will always be used for grinding. Modern-day mixer grinders come with hybrid blades, with elevation in the center and flat in the ends.
  2. Sharpness: A sharp blade is always used for juicing, blending, and grinding.
  3. Alignment: If a pair of blades are facing downwards and a pair is facing upwards, you can be certain that these blades are meant for wet grinding and juicing. The blades typically used for grinding are aligned only in one direction and remain as close to the bottom as possible.

Things to consider while buying a mixer grinder

  • Price to performance: It should be the most important determining factor of a product, regardless of how rich or poor the buyer is. One should never use their wealth as an excuse to let the manufacturers rip them off. Get a mixer-grinder that fits your needs for the lowest price.
  • Build Quality: It is easy to determine the quality of a mixer-grinder. Just ensure that all the parts that may come into contact with liquids are made of ABS plastic, Fiberglass, or stainless steel, and you will end up with a good-quality product.
  • Design of the product: With the guide above, you can check for yourself whether the product’s design is suitable to your needs and whether the brand is delivering what the salesman is claiming. Just look at the blade’s design, outward appearance, and color to know which would suit you the best.
  • Service warranty: For a good product, a service warranty is just for peace of mind. You will never need a warranty unless something breaks. If a good product doesn’t break in ten years, your warranty is useless whether it is for one year or five years. However, for lesser known brands and less reliable mixer grinders, look for a parts warranty of at least 2 years and a motor warranty of 5 years.
  • Automatic Overload Protection: This is important since overheated blenders and voltage fluctuations are the biggest cause of product damage. Depending on your warranty terms, your manufacturers might not even cover these damages. Luckily, all the products in this list come with this feature.
  • Sound: A 250W grinder will be less noisy than a 500W one and a 750W mixer-grinder will be even noisier. That is how things are supposed to be. However, it’s worth trying the different products before buying to get the lowest noise levels possible from your mixer grinder. But at the end of the day, let not a loud mixer-grinder discourage you from buying a good one.

10 Tips to Using a mixer grinder safely

Using a mixer-grinder is no rocket science. Alas! Accidents aren’t announced, and more often than not, they are caused by carelessness and/or ignorance. Let’s better prepare ourselves on how to use a mixer-grinder properly without harming ourselves, the devices themselves, or the household.

  1. Check for a stable connection: An unstable electric flow or voltage fluctuations can severely impact the life of your appliance. Of course, many mixer grinders come with built-in stabilizers to control this fluctuation, and cars come with seat belts. But we wouldn’t want to crash either and test out their efficiencies.
  2. Check for proper fittings: A well-fitting lid and jar on a mixer-grinder might make the appliance work as expected, and you might not even notice them working well until they don’t and spill everything around everywhere. No one would want such a splatter when trying to grind peppers or make chili paste. Always double-check if the lid is on tightly.
  3. Don’t put your hand in the blender: This is a no-brainer. Just don’t do it.
  4. Don’t use cracked jars: When using Fiberglass, glass, or cheap plastic jars, look for any signs of cracking. If there are cracks, don’t use them. Replace it if possible. In the best-case scenario, it will spill the contents all around. In the worst-case scenario, it might explode upon impact and project shrapnel into your eyes.
  5. Be careful of moving parts: A mixer-grinder is an electro-mechanical device – it runs on electricity to move mechanical moving parts. Each of its moving parts can maim your fingers if you’re not careful enough.
  6. Never dry run your mixer-grinder: Never power the mixer grinder without any jars on. Not only it runs the risk of you touching a moving part by mistake, but the parts will also move faster than intended (and it is intended to spin with loads on it).
  7. Always check if the power is off Always check if the speed settings are off or the switch is off before plugging the appliance in. Failure to do so might result in the mixer grinder going off before you want it to.
  8. Always hold down the lid: Some blenders are well equipped with good fittings that will allow you to blend with just one press of a button. But most blenders require pressing down on the lid while blending to avoid spills. Always do that, regardless of the blender you use – your blender will last longer.
  9. Clean up afterwards: Always clean up a mixer-grinder properly after use. Clean the dry grinder jars with dry cloths and wet grinder jars through washing. Leaving even liquid fragments will turn the device sticky over time and may eventually damage it.
  10. Don’t let water seep in: Make sure that no droplets of the liquid being blended get into the exhaust vents in the blender. The manufacturers try to make these devices as water-resistant as possible, but they are not waterproof. The appliance might get short-circuited and even cause fire hazards.

Best juicer for beets and carrots in India

One of nature’s superfoods, beets, is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients the body needs to function correctly. They are an excellent meal for losing weight because they are low in calories and fat. Due to beets’ high nitrate content, there is a lower risk of heart issues and stroke because they aid in loosening blood vessels. Beetroot juice is also proven to boost oxygen consumption by up to 20% and enhance stamina.

Beets can be added to your diet in a variety of methods, but juicing is one of the best. Beets should be washed and peeled before being cut into tiny pieces and placed in your juicer with some water to make beetroot juice. Juicing carrots and beets can provide a substantial amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants essential for good health.

Several choices are available on if you’re looking for the best juicer for beets and carrots in India. Juicing beets and carrots is effortless with the Philips Viva Collection HR1863/20 2-Litre Juicer. With a strong motor that can manage tough fruits and vegetables and a small design that is simple to store in your kitchen, this appliance has everything you need. The Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M 150-Watt Juicer is a wonderful additional choice. The maximum quantity of nutrients is preserved in the juice, making this juicer ideal for those who favor slow juicing. Besides being attractive on your cooking countertop, it is also simple to clean.

To sum up, juicing beets and carrots is a great way to add these rich in nutrients veggies to your daily diet. There are many choices on Amazon, whether you’re looking for a juicer specifically for beets or one that can handle both beets and carrots.


What is a Juicer, a Mixer and a Grinder?

A juicer is designed to grind a fruit, herb, or vegetable into juice with separate outlets for the fibers to be strained and expelled and the pure juice to come out. A mixer is only helpful for mixing liquids and solids. Notable uses might be making lassi, sharbat, or mixing cocktails. A grinder might be used for grinding wet ingredients like ginger and garlic pastes or for dry ingredients like cinnamon powder.

How much power does a mixer-grinder consume?

Usually, the wattage rating of a mixer grinder is the general indicator of how much power a mixer grinder consumes. However, knowing that a 500W mixer-grinder will only use 500W when used in its maximum speed setting is essential. For a three-speed control motor, the highest speed will consume the total wattage of the mixer-grinder that it’s rated on.

Difference between 500-watt or 750-watt mixer grinder?

A 500 Watt mixer-grinder consumes 500 Watts of electricity, and a 750 Watt mixer-grinder consumes 750 Watts at maximum speed. You will get higher electric bills when using a 750W mixer grinder than a 500W one. But on the plus side, the Best 750 Watt Mixer Grinder will have more power and rotate the blades faster, giving it more grinding and mixing capabilities.

Why do I get a burnt smell when using my mixer?

It is natural to get a burnt smell the first time you run a mixer-grinder, whether it is poor quality or the best juicer in India. The motors are coated with varnish to prevent rust and give them longer shelf lives. When a motor is first turned on, the varnish burns off, giving out a burnt smell. Sometimes, a few consecutive uses will also give out a burnt smell. Eventually, the smell will disappear, and there’s no cause for concern.

As a side note, many households don’t use a mixer grinder daily. As a result, cockroaches and nymphs settle inside them through the exhaust vents in the machine. With particles of ground food lying around, an enclosed, secluded space, and small vents, they make ideal above for cockroaches and the like. So, whenever you turn on a blender after a while, you might also get a horrible smell of burnt cockroaches. We suggest covering up the blender with a polythene bag after each use to avoid it. But this step might not be necessary if it’s seeing daily use.

Can complex stuff pieces like beet and carrot be crushed, or can the juicer get damaged?

Mixer grinders are built for crushing and grinding. As such, you can even make ice shavings from solid ice cubes in most grinders and not end up damaging these appliances. However, it’s important to note if the jars are not made out of good quality plastics or stainless steel, the impact from hard ingredients might crack them. Please check out our buying guide to understand how to avoid buying the wrong kinds of mixer grinders.

Which mixer grinder is best in India??

If you’re looking for a mixer grinder that can effortlessly manage your regular grinding and mixing demands.

The Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder grinder is the only option.

It’s powerful, inexpensive, and ideal for regular usage.

Which mixer grinder is best for heavy use in India?? 

You need a mixer grinder that can perform challenging grinding jobs and last for years when it comes to heavy-duty tasks.

The Sujata Dynamix, Mixer Grinder is the ideal choice thanks to its strong motor and robust construction.

Which mixer grinder is best with less noise in India??

The Bosch Appliances TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder is a great option if you want a mixer grinder that won’t disturb your household’s tranquility.

It is made to work quietly while still providing outstanding performance. 

Which brand mixer grinder is best for a home in India??

You need a mixer grinder that is dependable, effective, and simple to use for household use.

I have faith in Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder 750 Watt because of this.

It meets all of your daily grinding and mixing requirements.

Which company is better for mixer grinder in India??

Panasonic is a reputable brand that you can’t go wrong with.

Customers love their Panasonic AC MX-AC400 Mixer Grinder model because of its strong motor, adaptable jars, and user-friendly design.

Which is the strongest grinder in India??

Do you require a mixer grinder for challenging grinding tasks?

The Prestige IRIS Plus 750 watt mixer grinder is the only option.

It is made to last and consistently provides reliable performance. 

How do I choose a mixer grinder in India??

Motor power, jar size, and durability are important considerations when selecting the best mixer grinder in India.

Consider models from well-known manufacturers like Bajaj, Preethi, and Philips, then pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Which grinder is best for daily use in India??

I advise the Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder for daily usage.

It is the ideal answer for all of your grinding and mixing needs because it is small, effective, and simple to use.

Which mixer grinder used by Sanjeev Kapoor in India??

The Wonderchef Nutri blend Juicer Mixer Grinderis a fantastic alternative if you’re searching for a strong and portable mixer grinder like Sanjeev Kapoor uses in his kitchen.

It is ideal for blending and grinding, and because of its small size, it is simple to store. 

Which is better, 750 or 1000-watt mixer grinder in India??

Unsure as to whether you need a 750 or 1000-watt mixer grinder?

Think about what you need to grind.

The Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder is a fine choice for either wattage. Still, the 1000-watt model is recommended for heavy-duty applications. 


A good mixer-grinder might be the difference between having an easier time in the kitchen or cleaning up a great deal of mess afterward. While the best food processor in India might sound handy, cleaning up the jars after every use might become hectic. So, clearly understand what you want in a mixer-grinder before buying one, and you won’t regret the time and money spent on this appliance.

When buying a good mixer-grinder, it’s better to listen to first-hand experiences of different users and reviewers than go with your instincts like “Prestige is a good brand.” However, depending too much on word of mouth would often lead to confusion as two people’s perspectives and requirements might differ.

To help you overcome such issues, this buying guide and review have been made. In short, if you are looking for an all-around good mixer-grinder for a great price, get yourself the Prestige Iris 750 Watt best mixer grinder under 4000 if you would instead stick to a brand that has been around for longer than you might have been and have money to burn, go for the Philips HL7756 Mixer Grinder.

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