Top 16 Best Gas Stove in India (2023) – Review & Buyers Guide


Gas stoves are an important part of any kitchen. No matter how much inductions and microwaves try to take its place but we Indians have our comfort in gas stoves. Microwaves often reduce the taste of the food. And the type of favors and tadkas Indians want in their food is not possible in an induction. We need raw heat and flames for that. Kitchen gas stoves have also changed its get up over the period. They become more appealing, user- friendly, safe, and glossy now. A modern gas stove can fit into any modular kitchen and enhance its looks.

While choosing kitchen gas stoves one thing you need to consider the first- the number of burners. The number of burners depends on how many members are there in your family or how many numbers of dishes you need to cook at a time daily. If you have a large family of more than 5 members and need to cook 4/5 dishes at the pick hours (like in the mornings) then a 4 burner gas stove is the best thing for you. For a medium family of 4 to 5 members a 3 burner gas stove is enough. For a nuclear family of 2 to 3 members, you can take a 2 burner gas stove. And if you are living alone or a bachelor then you have 1 burner gas stove. But besides gas burners a lot of factors you need to consider before buying a gas stove. Here is a complete buying guide of the best gas stoves brands for you.

Here are some quick reviews on the best gas stove brands in india. Take a look.

Best 2 burner gas stove in india

Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black

This exclusive gas burner from butterfly can handle your busy time cook loads easily. This elegant looking gas stove has a toughened glass top with shatter-proof. The design is simple yet appealing. The 360-degree revolving nozzle and user-friendly design make it ideal for any household. The price of this gas stove is reasonable and you get one year warranty with it.


  • Flame- retardant panel- the cooking panel is flame retardant. So you can cook without the worry of getting heat burns in front of the gas stove.
  • Stainless steel spill tray- the smart lock pan will give you stability while cooking. The spill trays almost lock with each other and make removing oils and stains easier. The spill trays will not catch rust and reduce your effort.
  • Powder coating- there is powder coating in it to increase longevity. The powder coating on the pan stands makes them scratch-free and corrosion-free.
  • Heat-resistant legs- the polymer legs are completely heat resistant. So it will keep your cooking station cool. The legs provide grip and support to the stove while you are cooking with heavy utensils on it.
  • Unique toughened glass makes it strong and sturdy
  • Easy to clean spill-proof design
  • High thermal efficiency for even spread of heat
  • The quality of the regulating knobs are average and gets jammed sometimes
  • The burner cooktops are slightly bent, thus making it a bit difficult to fix any utensils on it.
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Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

Prestige is one of the best gas stoves brands in India. And this model from prestige is a true modern-day gas stove. This looks compact and stable. You will get maximum convenience with beautiful design from prestige. The combination of Schott glass with German manufacturing standards makes the glass panel of this model one of the bests. You get smooth functioning Sabaf valves imported from Italy. The price is affordable and you get 2 years warranty from prestige on this product. But the warranty on Schott glass is for 10 years. So overall Prestige Royale is truly a royal model with the best European features in it.


  • Tri-pin burners- the burners are made up of brass thus get heated easily. The tri-pin burners confirm the uniform heating of your utensil. There is a medium and small-sized burner for your different needs. You can easily cook meals for 4 to 5 people at a time in this gas stove.
  • Individual pan support- there are four individual pan supports for more stability of your cooking pan. It gives a different look and also makes it easy to clean.
  • The durability of Schott glass
  • The gas valve from Sabaf Italy is extremely good in quality and will give you long time trouble-free usage.
  • Look wise it is excellent with an aesthetic feel. The matte black finish truly gives the royal feel.
  • The glass top can get scratches after a few uses
  • The price is quite a bit for 2 burners.
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Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Backline Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite Backline Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, black

This gas stove from Pigeon is another profitable one at affordable prices. You can make two foods simultaneously with its two powerful burners. The stands are evenly spread and give you better stability. You can stable your pan and do dosas, chapattis, or roti with complete ease. You will have to regulate it manually. The smooth 360-degree revolving nozzle makes the flame adjustment part easier for you. Pigeon delivers you this gas stove in 1,990 rupees with 2 years warranty.


  • Spill-proof gas top- the stainless steel and glass combination makes it glossy and shiny. You can cook any curry, chatni, daal without worrying about cleaning the spills. This feature is necessary for every Indian kitchen.
  • Stronger glass protection- it has heat resistant toughened glass to give you a worry-free cooking experience. The glass will not get scratch or break easily. Moreover, it will enhance the elegance of your kitchen. The body is of stainless steel and the tri pin brass burners are perfect for a futuristic gas stove like this.
  • Strong tubular legs- the tubular rubber legs fix the gas stove strongly to the cooking station. It will resist accidental slips or movements while cooking.
  • Beautiful design outside but strong inside. It is made up of stainless steel and heat resistant glass on the top.
  • Its screwless spill tray helps you to clean it fast and easily.
  • It has a 360-degree revolving gas inlet nozzle on its body. So you don’t have to bend every time to get the gas connection.

  • Many users complain that the grass top gets hot easily
  • The knob design could have been better
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Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove

Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, black

The sleek and stylish of the gas stove from sunflame gas stove make it eye-catchy at once. This time saving 2 burner gas stove is made up of extremely high-quality material. The toughened glass is very easy to clean and maintain. The ideal two 85 mm gas burner will give you similar and even heat for cooking two dishes at a time. The brass burner consumes less LPG gas and can endure rough usage. The brushed matte finish stainless steel body and glass top with gold finish give it a classic look. So you can cook any vegetables, curry, rice, roti in a bulky kadhai or rice cooker without any trouble. The price of this product is very much reasonable and you get 2 years warranty on this product.


  • Made with high-quality materials- it is made up of good quality steel and glass to give you a long time service. The pan supports are Euro-coated so the color will not chip off even with regular washing and cleaning. The drip tray is of stainless steel and thus can endure extreme heat effortlessly.
  • Stronger glass protection- the glass is of good quality and will not break easily even if you try. You can place heavy utensils easily as it can endure and have enough space for them.
  • Powder-coated steel metal base and pan support- there is an extra layer of powder coating for resisting scratches, wears, rusts, fading away, or chipping away of color.
  • The brass burners are of excellent quality and will serve you a lifetime
  • The black matte finish looks classy and elegant
  • You get two same sized burners that are great for quick cooking
  • The metal stands are not completely even so you may find it difficult to adjust some curvy utensil on it
  • Some customers find leakage problems.
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Best 3 burner gas stove in india under 5000rs

Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

This 3 burner gas stove from Lifelong can be a great help for you during weekend lunch preparation. You can cook 3 heavy meals at a time. The burners are spaced out separately so that you can put on 3 large utensils at a time. The nylon coated burner knobs give you a smooth feel whenever you touch them. The heat resistant and shatterproof glass top gives you an elegant touch and is very easy to clean. The price is affordable and you get a 1-year warranty from Lifelong.


  • Thick pan support- the pan supports are thicker to provide ample support to the pans and kadhais in an Indian kitchen. The thicker and evenly designed supports reduce accidental falls or skids off the pan from the burner.
  • Anti-skid feet- the anti-skid feet of this gas stove will provide you comfortable cooking. The feet will remain in its place firmly and you will have to push is to shift it.
  • 360-degree swivel gas inlet- the 360-degree swivel gas inlet pipe is on the back instead of one side of the gas stove to give you more convenience. You can move the cooktop easily and safely.
  • 6mm thick black scratchproof toughened glass top.
  • The nylon coated knobs are smooth and heat resistant
  • This product is ISI certified, so you can rely on its performance
  • The glass stove dimension is 73cm × 34cm ×9 cm so it will take a long free area in your kitchen.
  • The weight is 6.7 kg which is quite heavy.
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Pigeon by Stovekraft Infinity Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Pigeon manufactures the best gas stoves in India. You can be assured about it as they are giving you 7 years warranty on the glass, valve, and burner of this gas stove.


  • 8mm thick toughened glass- its 8mm thick glass top can easily take up to 200 kg of load on it.
  • Die-cast skid-proof legs- the die-cast legs are skid-proof and stable. They support heavy loads upside. Plus the vibrant red color of the legs provides good contrast with the black upper body.
  • Non-stick coated removable spill tray- the removable spill trays are nonstick so you don’t need to spend extra time on cleaning oils and stain from it.
  • Brass burners for fast cooking. You get one big, one small, and one jumbo-sized burner for solving different purposes
  • Screw-less body to give you a smooth evenly touch
  • 7 years assurance is a big plus point
  • The price is a bit costly
  • The pan stand and spill tray is fully removable and fix into the stove only by the design fix. This increases the risk of utensil falls if you stir heavily while cooking.

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO BLK)
  • In this 3 burner gas stove from Elica Vetro you get a special stainless steel support plate below the glass. This extra protection makes this gas stove extra durable and perfect for daily rough usage. You get 1 small and 2 medium-sized distant burners in it for spacious cooking. The price is reasonable and you get 2 years warranty with it.


  • Euro coated grid- the coated grids from four sides support your cooking pan firmly. You can do rough stirs without getting worried about slips.
  • Stainless steel support plate- you get the support plate of stainless steel. They hold the grid and burner firmly in its place. So you can place heavy utensils and cook easily on it.
  • Excellent quality knobs-the knobs look smooth and classy and perform their job well.
  • The brass burners are thick and heavy that shows their good quality
  • The stainless steel support plate gives extra strength to the burners
  • You get 2 years warranty on the top glass which assures its toughened quality
  • People face difficulties to get on-time services from Elica Vetro.
  • The building quality of the feet could have been better.
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Prestige Marvel Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

Prestige is a prestigious brand in kitchen products. You can completely trust in this compact and sturdy looking 3 burner gas stove from Prestige. The model is designed to enhance the class of your kitchen by taking less countertop space. You get a shatterproof strong glass top in exotic black color that will fit in any kitchen. The price is reasonable and you get 2 years warranty for this product.


  • Full coverage on pan support- you get full coverage with square-shaped pan support. They will provide complete durability and steadiness to the pots and pans.
  • Tri-pin burner- it has the ideal tri-pin brass burners. They are spill-proof and spread heat evenly on your utensils.
  • Spill-proof design- the glass top is spill-proof entirely so you can clean oil and stain from the cooktop in just one go.
  • The dimension of this gas stove is 72.5cm ×40cm ×13cm which is ideal for a 3 burner gas stove
  • The pan supports are powder coated to make them rust and corrosion free
  • The ergonomic knob design will turn 360 with a little roll of your fingers
  • Often the burner turns off if you try to reduce the heat
  • Piped gas cannot be used with the valves provided on this.
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Glen 1033 Glass Cooktop 3 Brass Burner with SS Drip Tray

Glen 1033 Glass Cooktop 3 Brass Burner with SS Drip Tray (Black)

Glen is also a well-known name in manufacturing Indian kitchen appliances. This 3 burner cooktop is in classic all-black design. It has fuel-efficient brass burners, strong scratch-proof top glass, and strong legs to give you effortless cooking experience. You can order this gas stove from Amazon in only 3,695 rupees with a 2 years warranty.


  • Fuel efficient brass burners- the brass burners easily get heated and transfers heat evenly to the cooking utensil. It is strong, washable, and fuel-efficient. You will get 1 high flame burner, 1 big burner, and 1 small one to complete large and small cooking jobs.
  • 6mm thick glass top- the glass top is thick and smooth. You can clean easily oils and stains from it. It will not get scratches even after rough uses.
  • Classic design- the all-black body gives it an aesthetic touch. It has curved glass corners to give you a smooth touch overall.
  • The build-in quality is quite decent overall
  • It has ergonomic black knobs for manual ignition
  • The 360-degree swivel nozzle is in the back portion to give you easy and safe movement.
  • For 3 burner gas stoves, its size is quite small. You cannot put on 3 big utensils at a time on it because of the small distance between the burners.
  • The burner lights with a bit sound.
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Wonderchef Power Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Wonderchef Power Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

You can save your cooking time and energy with this powerful gas stove. It has 3 burners ranging from small to big, to supply any sort of cooking needs. You get this one of the best gas stoves in India with 2 years warranty.


  • Powder-coated pan support- the extra layer of coating provides extra protection to your gas stove. The color will remain intact. The metal will not catch rust or corrosion.
  • Fixed nozzle- this gas stove has a fixed nozzle on the side position. This enables you to put the LPG gas cylinder on the right side of your cooking station.
  • Cast aluminum mixing tube- this type of tubes will not get rust and offer unobstructed LPG flow throughout.
  • The black thick glass has a premium finish, looks elegant
  • You can easily clean the entire model with soap water
  • The anti-skid legs are strong and fix in their place even after rough stirring while cooking
  • The fixed nozzle is on the sideway and not at the back. This sort of design requires more space.
  • The knobs are not that smooth, get hard sometimes to move them.
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Best gas stove 4 burner in India

Prestige Mavel Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Mavel Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition, Black

Prestige designed this model especially for big fat Indian families. We Indians love to stay together and cook together and eat together. Thus this four-burner gas stove can be time and energy saving for you.


  • Pan support for tandoor- you get individual pan support with it. The four interlinked stands will give each burner strong and steady support to hold heavy utensils.
  • Spill-proof design- the stainless steel spill trays will hold any accidental spill of oil, curry, soup. Then you can wash it easily. Your kitchen station will not get messy.
  • Finest quality glass- the glass is thick and shatters proof. You can clean it easily with soap water.
  • Enough space with 63.5cm × 60cm ×5cm dimension stove body.
  • Easy cleaning with smooth washable glass cooktop
  • Prepare 4 meals at a time with ease with 2 small, 1 medium, and 1 large size burner.
  • This is a bit expensive than its counterparts
  • Some customers reported gas leak problems of it so you need to check your model carefully
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Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove (594 CT VETRO BLK)

elica gas stove manufactures kitchen gas stoves that are fuel-efficient, affordable, convenient, easy-to-clean, and have a premium look. This model is also no exception. With 585 × 560 × 130 MM dimension this kitchen stove has everything modern in it. It will cost you only 3,999 and you get 7 years warranty on toughened glass and 2 years on the product.


  • Euro coated grid- the coated grids are of standard quality and stabilize the pan perfectly on them. They avoid chipping off your pan while cooking.
  • Toughened glass- the strong and thick glass can easily prevent minor breakage
  • Premium quality- this one looks beautiful. It is completely black and the shiny golden brass burners in the all-black body make it look aesthetic.
  • You get 7 years warranty on the glass top which is the biggest plus point.
  • You get 2 small and 2 medium-sized burners which are ideal for regular cooking in a big family kitchen of 6 to 10 people.
  • It has stainless steel glass support below the glass to provide extra durability and strength to the glass top
  • The burners become black after a few days of use
  • The knobs are tight
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Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove, 4 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove, 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black (ISI Certified,1 year warranty with Doorstep Service)

This is another efficient 4 burner kitchen gas stove available on Amazon. With 585 × 560 × 130 mm dimension this gas stove is spacious enough. You can cook 4 meals at a time by adjusting the sizes of the utensils. It comes with 1-year warranty from LifeLong.


  • Nylon coated knobs- the coated knobs are heat resistant and will give you a smooth feel
  • Strong glass top- the 6mm thick glass top is strong and sturdy
  • Anti-skid feet- you can put as much effort you ant while stirring or frying on the gas because this gas stove will not skid. The anti-skid rubber-coated legs will make a strong grip to the ground
  • Looks slim and compact
  • Space-saving design
  • good quality materials
  • The burners are not that good in quality
  • The gas stove is light in weight and not compatible for taking the load of a big Tawa or cooker
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Best Gas Hob

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

Whirlpool Hob 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove (Elite Hybrid 704 MT Brass Gas Hob)

If you are looking for the best kitchen hobs in India then what can be better than the brand called Whirlpool? It is an auto-ignition gas hob so you just need to turn the knobs to light the burners. You get this super classy and ultra-modern gas hob from Whirlpool with 10 years warranty.


  • Multi ring burner- the burners have multi rings and multi-control flame levels. So you can smoke or sauté food in high flame at the same time sim or boil it in low flame.
  • Autoignition knobs- just turn the knobs and the burner will ignite automatically. This technology is safe and new. Bring this smartness home.
  • Multi cooking with 4 burners- with 2 small and 2 medium-sized excellent quality brass burners you can reduce your cooking time.
  • A smart gas hob with the trust of Whirlpool
  • Prolonged 10 years warranty on glass and 5 years on brass burners and gas valves
  • Can fit into any kitchen platform/ granite top or you can also use it as a freestanding gas stove
  • Check the gas connection well or it may leak gas and lead to accidents
  • Covers a large area, so if you are thinking about to buy it then get enough space
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Elica Hobtop 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition

Elica Hobtop 4 Italian Burner Auto Ignition - 1 Big Lotus and 3 Small Lotus Brass Burner Gas Stove (Flexi HCT 460 Lotus Brass)

Elica’s 4 burner auto ignition gas hob is another smart choice. The burners are evenly distributed and you can easily adjust 4 pans on the gas hob at a time. You get 5 years warranty on glass and valves, and 2 years warranty on the product.


  • Multi flame Italian Sabaf burners- you get 2 big lotus burner and 2 medium lotus burners. They have multi flame control and supports speedy cooking.
  • Cast iron pan support- the cast iron pan supports are removable washable and provide all direction support
  • Freestanding hob- you can use this easily installable model as a hob or as a cooktop because of its free standings.
  • This one of the top kitchen hobs in India looks best for its slim slick body. It feels like nothing is there at all.
  • The knobs look good and feel good
  • You can easily clean it in no time
  • Elica charges extra money for the installation
  • The cost needs to be reduced
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Bosch Built in Gas Hob Glass Top 3 Burner

Bosch Built in Gas Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Black PPC7S6F20I

This one of the top kitchen hobs in India can be your ultimate desire. It has everything in it. It has the class and sophistication to become part of a high-class Indian kitchen. The price is quite affordable and 2 years warranty on the product from the date of purchase.


  • 75 cm long cooktop- the premium black glass cooktop is long and wide enough for comfortable cooking in 3 burners at a time
  • Triple ring burner- you get a triple ring of flames with guided flame technology for a faster yet safer cooking experience
  • Integrated flame failure safety device- the safety precautions are well checked here.
  • Looks unique and heavenly
  • Can take the load of heavy utensils easily
  • Have a lot of space for comfortable cooking
  • The customer service of Bosch is slow
  • The product is a bit costly too
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Important things to consider before buying:

Ignition- Manual, and Auto- there are two types of gas stoves. The manual ignitions and the auto-ignition ones. While choosing your gas oven the type of ignition is also an important factor. You need to know whether your mom or wife or the cook of your house is comfortable with the autoignition or manual ignition. Manual ignition is very common in India whereas the auto-ignition is a new system. Though auto-ignition is more comfortable and futuristic yet your mother may prefer the traditional manual ones. There is a huge difference in price also. You can get manual ignition glass top gas stoves from the top brands in only 2 to 5 thousand rupees. But to get the auto ignition gas stove from a top brand you will have to spend 15 to 20 thousand. So before buying a gas stove check the homemaker’s consent and your pocket first.

The number of burners- you can get four different types of burners in India. For a bachelor person who lives alone in a flat or a paying guest a single burner gas over is perfect. You don’t need to cook several items or several hours a day. So a single burner is cost-effective and less space-consuming for you. Gas stoves with 2 or 3 burners are the most popular in the Indian market. People with a small or medium-size family with 2 to 5 persons can comfortably get a 2 or 3 burner gas oven for them. Cooking 2 or 3 dishes at a time is perfect and less troubling. In the rushing hours of the morning, the need for a 3 burner gas oven occurs. Though they test your ability to multitasking yet if you learn to excel it then you can cook 3 main courses at a time. If you have a very big family of 6 to 10 people then a 4 burner can be your choice. But for a single person to handle 4 burners at a time is over expectation. But if you have two members of the family as cooks which generally most of the 6 to 10 member family has then it will be no problem.

Design- design matters now the most. Everyone wants their kitchen to look good. And the design of your gas stove can actually enhance the look of your kitchen. Thus the top brands are making premium and exotic looking glass top gas stoves just to be compatible with your modular kitchen. If you choose the auto-ignition gas hobs then awesome. They are sleek and can fit into your granite kitchen counter. They can give you the feel as if there is nothing at all. They will start or off with only a turning of your fingers. But everyone cannot afford to spend so much money on a gas stove. But there is no need to sorrow because now even the manual gas stoves look awesome. They are no longer made up of boring steel and iron combination. Instead, they have the same look of a gas hob. They have a thick and smooth glass top, good quality heavy brass burners, heat resistant smooth knobs, strong and sturdy skid-proof legs, and so on. You get to see the black color is prevalent all sorts of glass gas stoves now. This is because the black contrasts with any background give a classy look, and looks clean for a long.

Size/space- the size or space of your kitchen and especially your cooking platform is very important for buying your gas stove. Before buying you need to take note of the length and width of your cooking platform and compare it with the gas stove’s dimensions. In your kitchen, there has to be a lot of stuff besides your gas stove. Cooking utensils, serving plates, cooking ingredients are the main things out of them. You need to find out enough space for them and then figure out a separate place for your gas stove. You need to free up at least one hand area around your gas stove for safety. You need to keep the upper portion of your gas stove also free. Keeping the space concern in mind the modern-day gas stoves are slimmer and compact in design. They have low height and occupy less space. The gas hobs are even fit into your cooking platform to give you the even surface throughout.

Anti-Skid- a firm grip is necessary. While cooking you will have to put heavy utensils on your gas stove. You will do heavy main course meals like rice, curry, or chicken on it. So the gets of your gas stove need to be strong. They need to endure that much load. Especially before buying 3 or 4 burner gas stoves, you need to double-check its feet. Try and test it if you are buying offline. And while buying online just check the load taking capacity of that gas stove. The legs of the gas stove should have a rubber coating in it. This coating is for making the legs skid-proof. Rubber will increase the fraction with the ground when you try to move it. But a metal leg will easily skid in a plain kitchen platform. Thus rubber-coated legs will remain fixed to the ground more than the metal legs. The manufacture knows this fact and thus almost all gas stoves now have rubber-coated anti-skid legs. You just need to check the quality of the leg and the coating for being doubly assured.

Distance Between Burners- the distance between the burners is yet another important factor while buying a gas stove for daily purposes. The distance is ideal and ideal if you are buying a 2 burner gas stove. There you can easily put two large utensils and cook food. Whereas, in one burner gas stove there is no question of distance as there is no other burner. But in case you are buying a 3 burner gas stove or a 4 burner gas stove then the distance is a vital thing. You are buying a 3 burner gas stove or a 4 burner gas stove because you want to cook 3 or 4 meals at the same time. For a big Indian family, you need to cook rice, daal, or sabji in big size pan or kadhais. They will require a lot of space. So there should be enough distance between the burners so that at least you can cook in two big utensils and 2 small. Also, you need to check the position of the burners. Because you just can’t put the food on the gas stove and leave it. You will have to stir is frequently or occasionally depending on the meal. So, if the burners are front and back position, then, it may cause you trouble to stir from one side. It can cause you accidental burns too. It is better if they are in a zigzag position.

Material- most of the traditional gas stoves are made up of stainless steel material. The advantage of stainless steel is that it does not catch rust. It does not get to expand or contract easily due to the changes in heat. Even though the body of the gas stove heats up, the metal provides durability and is not prone to damage. But in modern-day gas stoves, you will found glass tops. This of course enhances the beauty and class of the gas stove. For a premium outstanding look, you can choose a glass top gas stove. Even the glass top gas stoves use stainless steel body for giving the glass support. The glass top gas stoves though look aesthetic but are fragile in nature. Though the companies claim to be their glasses as thicker and stronger but at the end of the day, it is glass and cannot compete with the sturdiness of steel. So a stainless steel body gas stove is better for rough and tough cooking, such as if you need it for catering services. Whereas, if you want to change the get up of your kitchen then a glass top gas stove will do that. But you will have to show extra care and maintenance to it.

Sturdy Build- the gas stove needs to be strong and sturdy on the overall basis. The quality of the glass top is equally important as the quality of the gas stove feet. It needs to have fine quality rustproof brass burners. The pan supports are also equally important. The pan supports endure more heat and flames than anything else. If they are made up of low-quality stuff they will catch rust in the steamy humid atmosphere of a kitchen soon. They need to be strong as they are going to hold the heavy utensil on them. The surface of the glass to the gas stove needs to be thick and sturdy so that it does not break easily. The knobs need to be sturdy so that they do not come out after a few usages.

Quality- quality is everything. Do not compromise quality for design. If you want a gas stove for long-lasting usage then the quality will only support you. Research on every part and its quality of your gas stove. The glass quality should be best. Also, check the gas pipe quality. The valves that will connect the gas pipe with the burners also need to be the best quality. Often damage in the valve leads to heavy leakage of gas and causes accidents. Due to over-heating the glass top of a gas stove often breaks and cause damage entirely. You can even get burns if the glass top gets heated up. You need to get a heat resistant cooktop. The knobs should be heat resistant too. The nylon or rubber-coated knobs give you heat resistance. So you need to be assured about the quality of your gas stove.

Warranty- This is the last but not the least important factor for buying a gas stove. A prolonged warranty period by the manufacturer shows the promise of the product to be a good one. It shows that the company has faith that the product will not show any problem before that warranty period. So the more warranty period you are getting means the more valuable the product is. If your product gets damaged during the warranty period then you will get a free serving of that product at your home. You can even get free replacements of parts if they are damaged. You can even exchange the product and get a new one if the company has certain rules under their warranty policy. But there are rules and regulations for warranty. If the damage is external and caused by something else then you will not get the replacement. The problem should be in the product.

For instance, if the burners are leaking gas, if the valve is not fitting well if the glass gets damaged due to heat issues then you will get the warranty privilege. But if you accidentally fall something heavy on the glass top and it breaks then you may not get the benefit of exchanging it. Though you will get the free servicing or repairing during the warranty period. So it becomes very important to check the warranty period before buying a gas stove. If it is not mentioned in the product then ask the retailer about it. You will notice that the more you spend on it the prolonged warranty period you will get. Do not always go for low prices and cheap offers. A quality product will cost high but give you a secure service for a long time. You should keep this mind especially in the case of buying a gas stove as here safety matters the most.

Safety tips

Here are some safety tips that you should follow while using a gas stove-

  1. Be careful while managing the flame- while adjusting the flame does not put it into so much height that the flames start to reach out from under the utensils. This may expose your fingers to heat. You need to turn on the burner only while cooking and switch off it immediately when you remove the cookware from it. Leaving the flame unattended can cause accidental burning or fire hazards.
  2. Use right utensils- the bottom of your utensil should cover the flame entirely when you turn the flame to high. So choosing the right cookware according to the burner size and flaming capacity is important. The material of your cookware should be non-corrosive, and non-inflammable. You can’t use plastic, glass, or melamine bowls on your gas stove. Instead, you can use copper, aluminum, and steel utensils for faster and evenly cooking. Do not put wet utensils with dripping water on the gas stove.
  3. Choice of cloth while cooking- you need to choose cotton cloths over synthetics while cooking. The cloth should not be too loose to fall on the flames. Women should tie their long hair while cooking. Avoid clothes that catch fire easily.
  4. Ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen- there should be a window in your kitchen. If you have a chimney then great. The air should circulate. Whenever you smell the gas open all the windows to let it pass.
  5. Cooking tips- you need to be careful while cooking. Keep the handles of your nonstick pan or cooker to the side direction. This will reduce the risk of accidental spilling hot soups and curries from utensils. If the burner does not ignite after several attempts then turn it off immediately. Check if the burner gets blocked due to dried up food, oil, and dust. Clean it regularly with a toothpick and soap water to avoid this.
  6. Prevent gas leaks- if you smell the odor of the LPG gas while cooking then possible the gas is leaking. Then you will have to turn off the gas immediately. And open up all windows to let the gas out. Then try to find out the leakage ad fix it. Take the expert’s help as this can be dangerous to try your hands in such flammable gases.
  7. Keep inflammable objects away- keep those loose inflammable objects like plastic bags, jars, foil paper wrappings, airtight glass containers away from your gas stove. Often people place things on the adjacent burner when they are not using it. But it is safe to keep absolutely nothing on the burners, especially inflammable objects even if the burner is off.
  8. Get emergency service at hand- in case of any emergency you need to know what you will have to do. Get a fire extinguisher if possible in your home. Get all the emergency numbers at your reach.
  9. Install a smoke alarm- having a smoke alarm is very useful. If you leave the food overtime on the oven then the smoke alarm will warn you.
  10. Monitoring carbon monoxide- gas stoves can emit harmful carbon monoxide. If you are getting symptoms like; headache, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea while cooking then you may be inhaling carbon monoxide. Call the professional to check it.
  11. Choose professional repairing- do not try to fix your gas stove on your own. Always try to get the company services. If that is not possible then at least get a professional repair to fix it.
  12. Keep loose items away- keep the upper section of your gas stove free. There should not be any towel, calendar, anything that can lose or fall upon it.
  13. Keep it away from your child/ pet’s reach- the gas stove should be placed on a height so that your toddler or pet cannot get it.
  14. Never use water to put out fat and oil fires- in case of fat or oil fires or if your pan catches fire then water is not the solution. Water can cause the fire to spread over or give you burns. Use a fire extinguisher or fire blankets to smother the flames.
  15. Cook with complete attention- do not involve in other activities while cooking. It is one of the most common and preventable causes of domestic fires. So give your full attention to your dish. Otherwise, it may cause a burned dish or even a burned house.


Which are the top brands in India?

The top and trending gas stove brands in India are Prestige, Surya, Sunflame, Bajaj, Kuchina, Glen, Butterfly, Hindware, etc. Prestige is the most preferable brand in gas stoves in the Indian market.

Which gas stove is right for me?

It depends completely on your requirements. If you live alone then even a single burner gas stove can work for you. But for move convenience a 2 burner gas stove is perfect. That is why people but 2-burner gas stoves the most.

How long a gas stove last?

It depends on how much care you show to your gas stove. With regular cleaning and periodic servicing a manual gas stove can easily run up to 15 years whereas an auto-ignition can up to 10 years.

Different between a gas stove and a hob?

The main difference lies in the design. A traditional gas stove has a free-standing boy type. On the other hand, the gas hob has a built-in design; it fits seamlessly on your kitchen countertop. Gas stoves require a lighter or match sticks for manual ignition whereas the hob ignites itself when you turn the knobs.

How safe is it to buy online?

Yes, online gas stove buying is completely safe. You get fast delivery at your doorsteps. You get offers and cash backs. With any product damage or faults, you can immediately exchange or return it and get the full money back. These facilities you will not get on offline.

Which one is better Auto vs. manual ignition?

The manual ignition gas stoves are more general, widely used, low-cost gas stoves. You just need to turn on the knob and then ignite the gas burner using a lighter or a match stick. On the other hand, the auto-ignition system is new in the Indian market. It is a time saving, comfortable, and modern choice. Here you just need to turn the knob as a regulator and the burner will ignite automatically. It uses electricity to light itself. Autoignition stoves look better, give comfort cooking, thus are almost double and more in cost than a manual one. Both are best for cooking, it depends on your choice.

What should be the distance between the Gas Stove and the Chimney?

The ideal distance between your gas stove and the chimney should be around 26 to 30 inches. No matter what sort of gas stove you are using (manual, auto, or electric range), you need to maintain this much distance.

What are the most important factors to consider before buying?

 Before buying a gas stove you need to consider the number of burners in it. If you are having a 3 or 4 burner gas stove then consider the distance between them. Consider brass burners over aluminum because though they are costly but give you service for a lifetime. Consider the size of the gas stove according to the size of your kitchen and cooking station. Also, do check the warranty period and of course price tag.

What is the usual warranty period of a gas stove?

Most of the gas stove manufacturers offer you at least 1 year warranty period. The more quality and costly product you will buy more warranty time you will get. But you must at least get a 1-year warranty for sure.


So, here are some best gas stoves in India that you can completely rely on. These best gas stoves brands manufacture all sorts of gas stoves (2-burner, 3 burners, 4 burners, manual ignition, or auto-ignition) to satisfy each customer. All these gas stoves are of excellent quality. All of them have brass burners which are ideal and preferable now for gas stoves. All these gas stoves have a glass top to give your kitchen a premium look. You can choose anyone according to your budget, preference, or brand choice. If you are planning a family or wishing to upgrade from your two-burner gas stove to a three burner then the Elica Vetro Glass Top Burner Gas Stove can be that one. The model is skillfully designed with each burner to keep a safe distance from the other. Its features like a heavy brass burner, euro coated grid, stainless steel pan support, etc make it extra powerful.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a cost-saving option for your small family then the Butterfly Smart Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove is the one for you. With this much money, only you can get all the features like; smart lock pan, stainless steel spill tray, 2 long-lasting brass burners, and a glass top. This is all that you can look for in a modern-day gas stove. You can get all these gas stoves in Amazon. So what are you waiting for? Order your suitable one now.

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