Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50

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All right, guys, over the past year, I like to make these lists where it’s the top five in different categories because this is also the time when a lot of people start looking for earbuds and things as gifts where they’re generally not looking throughout the year and so.

I’m going to start with my top five earbuds that are under $50, and I have to say this list is getting harder and harder to put together because there are so many good options in the under $50 range now.

All of these right now can be found for under $50 it doesn’t mean that they retail for under $50. It just means that they’re on sale, so uh, it could, you know, go on sale and come off sale throughout the holidays, so always make sure that you’re going back and just checking these prices, uh, but these are not full-on reviews of each one.

I’m going to jump into number five now the Donner dbuds.

This is the Donner buds, which was on my list last year but still holds up. The technology is there, and the sound is still there. It’s just one of my favorite earbuds to recommend when people want to spend less money. I still consider these to be a Sound Core light pair of earbuds. It offers many things and tries to mimic many of the things that Sound Core does. Uh, it uses 12 mm LCP Dynamic drivers. It also has a balance armature driver, so it uses that Dynamic driver to handle the low end, allowing the balance Armature drivers to focus a lot more on the details of your music, like vocalists and the highs, like the hits of symbols crashing it’s trying to separate everything without making it sound like a muddy mess.

It also has active noise canceling, which is okay on this pair. It also has an app that mimics what Sound Core has. Even the EQ options look like sound cords, so there’s plenty that you can just kind of change between, but the sound that they had right out of the box has that sound core sound, and what I mean by that is it has bass that’s Punchy but still has plenty of air in it it has plenty of space where it doesn’t feel like it’s right there in front of you uh same the thing with the mids and the treble everything feels well separated. It just allows these to be dynamic without having them be overbearing, so the fact that you can get these for $34 is just a hell of a value, and that’s why I put the Doner one in at number five.

Now number four on the list is the Anker Sound Core Life a3i, or if you get them at Walmart, it’s the life.

These come in at $45 and they have some pretty solid active noise cancel uh they’re really good for phone call so if you’re looking for a pair that you can listen to music but then just take phone calls throughout the day this is a really good pair for that uh the battery life is very impressive getting 10 hours on a single charge on the earbuds with about 40 hours total using the case now it does work with Sound Cores app where there’s plenty of different EQ options and the sound is typical sound core it again has that really Punchy low end everything is pretty bright pretty detailed but also very well separated so if you’re going to be using these for different types of media uh it does a really good job of allowing all of this space uh for gaming so you can kind of tell where different things are coming from and then if you’re just listening to music there’s just a lot of Separation in the instruments and everything just feels like it’s pushed off to the side or pushed at a distance and it doesn’t just sound like two loudspeakers right there in front of you and so wrapping that up in a package you could get for $45 is why I put the soundcore life A3 eyes in at number four.

Now, number three on the list is from a company that’s one of the better budget brands out there and the earbuds.

I’m talking about the Earfun Air now. These come in at $49, but they have Apex playback. They also have a multi-point connection feature to connect to multiple devices simultaneously. The noise canceling is pretty decent at this pair uh but it also has a gaming mode so if you are looking for an inexpensive pair you know to use for all different types of meeting this one checks that box you don’t have to worry about lag as much although it’s going to affect your battery life if you leave it in gaming mode it’s still just nice to have that option so this pair also works with Earfun app which really is just kind of one of those barebones apps it’s not anything special but it does allow you to keep these updated uh there’s also some EQ options again it just allows you to kind of customize the earbuds a little bit more but the big selling point on these is the sound and it’s a sound signature that just doesn’t hold back and that’s kind of the theme with pretty much any ear fun earbud uh they try to be dynamic they try to be you know just big and bold when it comes to the sound and it generally works well across all genres so to be able to pick these up for $49 uh is definitely why I put the earfun airs in at number three now.

Number two on the list and this one I know a lot of you guys have picked up it is the Tozo NC7.

Right now you can get them for $40 and this is the upgraded version so this is the pair that has Bluetooth 5.3 uh so it also has that multi-point connection so you can connect to more than one device at a time uh it has the best battery life I mean you on a single charge you can get 18 hours on the earbuds and with the charging case you’re going to get 72 hours total so if you’re somebody that doesn’t like to constantly charge your earbuds or if you just like to use them for really long periods uh it’s going to be hard to top the c7s but also on top of that the is decent on here it does a pretty good job of blocking out a lot of your surroundings and the sound is just excellent again if you like that Dynamic Sound signature so you can kind of tell the theme of A lot of these on my list I like that Dynamic Sound I don’t like a flat or reference style sound I like to feel base I like to have very clean mids and treble I actually, like a pretty bright treble which these do a decent job at uh so mixing that with the low end that these have it does have that subwoofer type base uh again it just doesn’t feel like they’re trying to hold anything back and so I think this is an excellent pair and that’s why I put the tozo nc7 in it number two.

Now number one on the list, now this one was an easy one for me I’m a huge fan of the company sound pets and the SoundPEATS Engine 4.

It is one of the best, if not the best value regarding True wireless earbuds. Right now, you can pick these up for $45, and this is my favorite-sounding pair on this list.

I like the way that these are tuned. They use coaxial dual Dynamic drivers, and it is a powerful sound. And when you mix that with the fact that these have IDX support, you’re getting some of the best Bluetooth codec playbacks you can get out of this pair. Uh, this was always only available in more expensive earbuds and headphones. So, the fact that you can get that on a $40 pair mixes with the fact that it has that multi-point connection. Again, you don’t have to be connected to one device at a time. It has a gaming mode again, so it’s suitable for all different types of media. On top of that, this battery life gets 12 1/2 hours on the earbuds on a single charge and 43 hours while using the case. That, again, is just impressive, especially on top of all the other features you’re getting, and that’s why it was easy to put the SoundPEATS engine 4 in its number one now.

I did want to throw one in as an honorable mention and I don’t even know if it’s still available at this price but the Sony WFC 500s have been on sale this is more specifically through Walmart where you can get them for $29 that is the best deal you’re going to find on a pair of earbuds throughout the holidays now

On top of all the ones I’ve already listed, there are many other ones out there. You guys think I should have had a lot on this list. If you think that I missed anything or if there’s something that you guys recommend, let me know in the comment section below. I’m always looking for just great value in earbuds.

That is like the sweet spot. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the best earbuds. There are a lot of hidden gems, especially like the ones on this list where you can get many of the features in the more expensive earbuds, so I’m always curious to see what’s out there.

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