11 Best Silent Ceiling Fan in India (2024) – Review & Guide

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To cool off from the heat, you see ceiling fans everywhere in Indian homes. But certain ceiling fans are noisy, and that can affect the serenity of your home. This is where noise free ceiling fans enter.

The silent ceiling fan is one type of the noiseless model. Especially designed to afford quiet operations this is a highly-efficient air circulation unit. Advanced concepts When it comes to advanced features, best ceiling fans with no noise in India typically are outfitted with high-powered motors and balanced blades that turn quietly. The motor shafts feature double ball bearings which help deliver the maximum amount of air at a minimum decibel level.

This article focuses on the best silent ceiling fans in India, highlighting their characteristics, advantages and unique selling points. So, if you’re looking for a fan that not only cools down the room but also is quiet as can be, read on!

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Overall Best

Atomberg Renesa 1200mm

The Atomberg Renesa is a sleek and energy-efficient ceiling fan that is designed to provide high air delivery while saving up to 65% energy. With its BLDC motor and 5-star rating, this fan ensures optimal performance and cost savings.


How Did We Finalize Silent Ceiling Fans?

We undertook a comprehensive review process to identify India’s best silent ceiling fan. Our research involved examining multiple products from different brands, considering noise levels, performance, energy efficiency, and customer feedback.

We compared prices and assessed the overall quality and features of each fan. We focused on noise levels, which was a key criterion for a silent operation.

By analyzing customer reviews and expert opinions, we gained insights into the performance and durability of the shortlisted models.

After a thorough evaluation, we identified the best silent ceiling fan in India, offering exceptional noise reduction, efficient airflow, and value for money.

Below are some of the fans we have shortlisted:

Atomberg Renesa 1200mm

One of the best quiet ceiling fans available in the market today is Atomberg Renesa. It has advanced features that distinguish it from the traditional ceiling fan. It has a powerful motor that ensures efficient air circulation without any noise during operation. This Fan consumes only 28 watts, making it an energy-efficient choice for your home.


This Fan has a double ball bearing that provides smooth and silent operations, which can be further improved by using sleep mode function. The blades are made of metal and have been balanced to minimize any vibration leading to silent operations. These blades are also constructed from aluminum ensuring longevity.


The Atomberg Renesa’s stylish design with its metallic finish makes it look like a ceiling fan in any room. The Fan comes in titanium color making it suitable for all modern home décor. It is an exclusive kind of ceiling fan which provides effective cooling with silent operations.


Also, this Fan has a remote-control feature that allows you to switch it on/off or adjust the speed without going up to press buttons on the Fan. This is useful if someone has a very high ceiling where reaching out becomes difficult.


It works on BLDC motor that uses less power but gives higher rotations per minute. The motor is made up of copper which enhances efficient and long-lasting use. For those who love good quality, stylish and energy saving fans this 5-star rated silent ceiling fan is ideal for them.

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Crompton SilentPro Enso

The Crompton SilentPro Enso is a great addition for any home, with its better performance and features. It has been made in a way that it operates without producing any noise which makes it perfect for anywhere like the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.


Its powerful motor is one of the most important features of this fan as it ensures effective air circulation without producing any sound. The technology applied in Fan’s motor is advanced so that high-speed rotations are achieved thus quick air distribution across the room is ensured. In addition, double ball bearing technology incorporated into this Fan ensures that there is hardly any noise produced when it’s running.


The Crompton SilentPro Enso Ceiling Fan is fashionable and modern making it suitable for contemporary houses. Any room can be given elegance by using metallic finishes on Fans. Also, sleek white finish makes these Fans blend well with any home d?cor while at the same time providing them with an outstanding appearance. The design of this Fan’s blades guarantees aerodynamic efficiency and balance so that they operate silently and smoothly.


This fan comes with an advanced feature which adjusts its speed according to the temperature of each individual room automatically. This feature makes sure that enough cooling effect is supplied by this Fan to maintain a comfortable atmosphere within the room. 


The Fan has an energy consumption of just 32 watts in power, thus being a home appliance that is efficient. Also, it comes with a 48-inch BLDC option which uses less power and makes no noise at all.


To sum up, the Crompton SilentPro Enso is an amazing choice of a fan for anyone who wishes to install one in their house. It comes with advanced features as well as technology that guarantees quietness, efficiency and comfort while cooling. Moreover, this ceiling fan has a sleek contemporary look coupled with its affordable price rate making it great for any home use.


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Havells Andria 1200mm

One of the outstanding features about the Havells Andria fan is its highly advanced motor, which means it’s noiseless and can be used in any room. This Fan features an advanced BLDC motor which consumes a small amount of power, but pushes out large volumes of air. As a result, it is an ideal choice for those looking to lower their electricity costs.


Besides its superior motor, the Havells Andria fan also has a sleep mode function that shieldsdeep and peaceful slumber from interference. As the Fan gradually slows until it finally stops, you sleep quietly without any little noise disturbing your rest.


The Fan also has an elegant design, which makes it a great eye-catcher in any room. An embossed metallic finish facing any home decor. Three balanced, maximally-aerodynamically designed blades mean little noise when running at fan speed from low to high . This Fan is slim and stylish, and will fit right in with any contemporary home.


As for the Andria, this offers a five-star energy rating, so not only can you make significant savings on your electricity bills but there is also an absolutely quiet running operation. The Andria fan is ideal for use in rooms of all kinds, such as the living room and bedroom.


In general, the Fan is both beautiful and effective. Its sophisticated noise-free operation and fashionable design make it an ideal complement for any home. Energy-saving design, plus excellent air circulation without seeing your electricity bills soar. That’s it. If you are looking for a new ceiling fan, the Havells Andria is definitely worth a look.


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Orient Electric Aeroquiet

If you’re looking for a quiet ceiling fan that will still ensure an efficient air circulation while guaranteeing utter silence, then the Orient Electric Aeroquiet might be worth your consideration. Now, this ceiling fan has become a must-have accessory for homeowners who want to add an artistic and functional touch to their homes.

The motor technology used on the Orient Electric Aeroquiet is certainly one of its most advanced features. This high-speed air circulation device can operate completely noiselessly. Super motor guarantees the Fan runs quietly without disturbing noise, so you can watch TV in your living room or read a book in your bedroom–it is suitable for everywhere.

The Orient Electric Aeroquiet not only has an advanced motor, but its elegant design harmonizes with any contemporary home furnishings. The Fan comes in a variety of metallic finishes such as titanium, pearl white and midnight black, allowing you to choose the hue that best suits your current color scheme.

The Fan also features aerodynamically designed, balanced blades that provide quiet operation even at high speeds. The blades are of high-quality metal, assuring their strength and longevity. Furthermore, the Aeroquiet Silent Ceiling Fan also comes with a remote control which allows you to change settings and adjust speeds at your leisure.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Orient Electric Aeroquiet is one of the best. Its BLDC motor consumes only 45 watts, meaning it is much more energy-efficient than most conventional ceiling fans. This makes it ideal for those who want to cut costs of their bills while enjoying a serene and cozy space.

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Luminous New York Brooklyn

Luminous New York Brooklyn is a nice addition to any home decor. This ceiling fan for style, heat and cool comfort. This exclusive ceiling fan boasts a high-powerisolated switching technology motor, noiseless operation design. It also uses the most advanced air circulation speed available to give you unrivaled agility and movement for your shopping experience.

Smooth and noiseless operation Elegantly designed for just the right touch of class, this ceiling fan uses some very advanced motor technology. In other words, you get the cool breeze but no extraneous sound. Its motor is also highly economical. Efficiency through power consumption alone represents no saving whatsoever, but when coupled with excellent performance it results in big savings nonetheless.

Its stylish style is also another of its attractive features. It reflects the design concepts behind contemporary Brooklyn living adjacent to New York City. This Fan is a beautiful titanium color, the perfect finishing touch to any home decor. Polished steel, which boasts a superior finish appreciably complements the fan’a image.

Its sleek design The blades of the Fan are made from nickel alloy steel which is able to attain a high-speed air current. This keeps room temperature and humidity in good condition, fills fans with development potential, exceeds many other fan brands already on the market in its achievements today without bragging about it too much although some could take offence at this Yet these blades are constructed to be both noiselessly and balanced, so that every time you turn on the Fan it gives smooth experience.

It can be controlled remotely and it comes with a remote control. Just push this little button, the settings of the Fan will change their speed gradually for you right from where you sit without inconvenience to yourself. That makes this ability very convenient when you want to change the Fan settings without getting up.

Regarding energy efficiency, the Fan receives a 5-star rating. This implies that it consumes the least amount of power while exuding good air flow and effectiveness. If you are looking for an electricity bill saver ceiling fan that gives fine comfort, then.

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Havells Stealth Air Noiseless

To begin with, the Havells Stealth Air is furnished with a high-speed BLDC motor that drives its air around quickly and quietly. You’ve got it. In fact, you won’t hear the motor working–thanks to its advanced motor technology.

The Fan’s smooth, noisy-free operation also takes advantage of a double ball journal system. Such an arrangement is particularly suited to bedrooms and living rooms. This characteristic makes the Fan last; you can use it for a long time.

Apart from its noiseless operation, the Havells Stealth Air can be set in a sleep mode. This feature allows you to let the Fan run at a lower speed, so you can get to sleep with it running without being bothered by the sound of its moving blades or any fluctuations in air flow.

This modern-looking yet stylish Noiseless Stealth Air Ceiling Fan from Havells has its place in every room. with its metal finish and elegant design, this piece is a welcome addition to your space.

Fan blades are 48 inches long and made from high quality materials, giving theFan excellent efficiencyin air circulation. But with this Fan having a 5-star energy efficiency rating you can cool in comfort without fear of an enormous electric bill.

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Havells Efficiencia Neo

Havells Efficiencia Neo

Its metallic paint finish adds a touch of class to any room in which it finds itself.

The fan has a high-power and low-energy BLDC motor, so air delivery is excellent while your electricity bills will be reduced.

Whick this fan operates noiselessly. It is so quiet (level 62 decibels) that it can be used in bedrooms, living rooms or any quiet place you could think of.

A remote control attached to the fan means that it can be operated from anywhere in the room.

Also intelligent features, such as boost mode, which offers high-speed operation when necessary

Suitable for Indian homes that rely on uneven power supplies, this ceiling fan is capable of coping with voltage fluctuations.

It has a sweep of 1200mm, and covers an enormous area. Every corner of the room gets cool air thanks to this fan’s broad coverage.

The fan’s energy efficiency is 35 watts, allowing people to save on electricity while providing a pleasing breeze.

2 years’ warranty, keeping you in song with its silent power.

In summary, Havells Efficiencia Neo Remote Ceiling Fan is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a silent fan with high energy efficiency that performs superiorly.

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Usha Striker Galaxy

A high-speed BLDC motor gives it powerful, efficient air circulation, which makes this Fan ideal for use in large rooms or open-plan living areas. The Fan also works in utter silence at the same time thanks to its advanced motor technology and double ball bearing system.

The Usha Striker Galaxy Ceiling Fan operates silently and has a sleep mode function. The key is that you can adjust the Fan to run at a lower speed, and thus you don’t have to be woken up by its noise or air flow related disturbances. It even has a reversible motor that lets you switch the direction of the Fan’s blades to make your own cooling choices.

Design is one of the highlights of the Usha Striker Galaxy Ceiling Fan. With its sleek and stylish look, the Fan features a metallic finish with perfectly balanced metallic blades. These create an elegant finishing touch that adds to any room’s decorative appeal. The Fan is available in many colors, including titanium and white. You can select one that appeals to you most.

The Usha Striker Galaxy Ceiling Fan is stunning looking, at the same time it draws only 35 watts of power and provides outstanding cooling capabilities.

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Luminous Propelaire 1200mm

This Fan combines efficiency, performance, and style perfectly. The Fan’s high-speed BLDC motor provides powerful airflow while making no noise, so that whether it be in the bedroom, living room or even the workplace it can provide superior function.

Its most essential feature is its first-class motor technology utilizing only 35 watts of power. This makes it extremely energy-efficient. This lets the Fan overpower others in terms of coolness, while using less power and reducing electric bills.

It also comes with double ball bearings, making it more sturdy and long-lived. Its bearings enable the Fan to run smoothly and quietly, providing a warm tranquil atmosphere.

Besides its technical characteristics, the Fan has a stylish design that goes with any decor. The Fan has four metallic blades balanced to perfection, which guarantee smooth operation and effective airflow through the room.

The reversible motor means you can change the direction of the blades to cool a summer evening or force hot air from all sides during winter. With remote control, its speed can be adjusted to suit personal tastes, making operation simple.

Generally speaking, the Fan is a top of the line 5-star rated silent ceiling fan which can provide strong and hush airflows. Its powerful motor, beautiful design, reversible motor and remote-controlled settings mean that can adapt to any location in the modern household or workplace.

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Crompton SUREBREEZE Hill Briz Deco 1200mm

Another top performing ceiling fan, this Fan offers advanced features and air circulation that is both effective and economical. The motor of this Fan is one of the great selling points-it allows for unmatched performance and runs silently.

Noiseless operation is one of the biggest advantages enjoyed by this Fan. Now you can enjoy a tranquil and quiet environment without disturbances from noise. Because the Crompton Hill Briz Deco fan employs state-of-the-art motor technology, it works quietly. Now you can go about your everyday life without interruption.

The Fan’s blades are perfectly balanced, so that it operates smoothly while providing the best air flow. Also, the Fan has an energy-efficient wattage rating, so it’s environmentally friendly and economical.

The Fan is also notable for its reversible motor, which means you can turn the blade to deflect upward for a cool breeze or downward to blow warm air throughout an entire room. This makes it yet another economical option suitable for everyday use all year round. Furthermore, the Fan comes with a remote control. From the comfort of your chair or sofa you can easily operate all features and speeds.

This high-quality, effective ceiling fan has superior performance and operates in silence. A top premium ceiling fan with advanced features and energy-efficient operation is the Crompton SUREBREEZE Hill Briz Deco.

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The USHA EX9 silent ceiling fan is one of the most convenient options for a quiet and economical home cooling way. Its metallic finish gives the fan a sleek modern look.

A high-efficiency, low power consumption motor incorporated in the fan means an energy savings of more than 50 % over traditional motors, and better air delivery as well. This all helps reduce electricity bills further.

As this fan only makes noise at the level of 40 db, it is nearly silent. In your living space it creates a soft and relaxed atmosphere.

It has a remote control with which you can operate it from anywhere in the room. The speed and settings are adjustable.

With features such as boost mode, which provides for fast performance when necessary, you are capable of full speed cooling on hot summer days.

Because the fan is built to withstand voltage fluctuations, it suits India’s unstable electric current.

Also, with a sweep area of 120cm, this fan covers a large area. The cool air is dispersed throughout the room.

This fan’s energy efficiency is incredible. It only draws 30 watts of power. Electricity bills are therefore not affected while performance remains excellent.

The USHA EX9 silent ceiling fan comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, allowing customers to achieve greater peace of mind about the quality and durability.

To sum up, the USHA silent ceiling fan is ideal for a quiet, effective cooler. Stylish design, powerful BLDC motor, silent operation and energy-saving characteristics, it is one of the best choices available. This fan’s strong points are intelligent features, high quality and long life. It’s one which will continuously keep its cool for years.

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Things to consider before buying a Silent Ceiling Fan for Your Home

If you’re planning to buy a silent ceiling fan for your home, there are certain factors that you should keep in mind. Here are the key things to consider before making a purchase.

Blade and Motor Design

Designs of the blade and motor determine which silent ceiling fan one should choose. The angled and curved blades of a given breezeLECTOR unit are again superior to the straight blades which make for a gentler flow, with less noise pollution. Using brushless DC motor is even better, which makes less noise as well consumes less energy than the other motors.

Mounting System

Another crucial factor is this mounting system. The material of a mounting system also plays an important role. If you want both strength and resilience, choose one made of rubber, or another type shock-absorbing material. That’s a way the materials help to reduce motor and blade vibration, allowing it to run more quietly.

Blade Count

Noise level also depends upon how many blades there are on the Fan. Also, the higher the number of blades, the less noise they make. That’s because all slightly lower turbulence and smooth airflow outward.

Blade Material

In addition, the material used to manufacture blades can affect both noise level and Fan performance levels. Hard metal or plastic blades are usually louder than soft wooden, bamboo or fabric ones.

Fan Style and Appearance

And when it comes to the design of the Fan, just like any other piece of furniture in your home, you can’t ignore aesthetics. Different styles and designs, pick one to match the overall design of your room.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a quiet ceiling fan when shopping, first make sure the blade and motor design is correct, or their preferable installation should be at a high altitude (not just hanging from chains; it has more to do with structure).


What type of ceiling fan is quietest?

The quietest type of ceiling fan is a DC motor, which uses much less energy than traditional AC motor fans. They also tend to be quieter since the motor runs at a lower RPM. Additionally, some models come with special noise-reducing features such as aerodynamically designed blades and precision-balanced motors for even quieter performance. Lastly, look for models designed with larger blade sizes and fewer blades to reduce noise levels further.

How many blades are the low noise ceiling fans ?

The number of blades on a ceiling fan will not necessarily determine how quiet it is; however, generally, the fewer blades there are, the quieter your Fan will be. Many models come with three to five blades, but you can find fans with up to seven blades. Fans with fewer blades tend to be quieter since there is less surface area for air turbulence and, therefore, less noise created.

How many DB is quiet for a fan?

The ideal noise level for a fan is around 45 decibels (dB). It is considered a “quiet” level that won’t distract you from your activities. Any fan that produces noise levels above this should be avoided, as it will create an unpleasant and distracting environment in your home.

How do I know if my Fan is quiet?

To determine if your Fan is producing a quiet noise level, you can measure its sound using a decibel meter. You should place the meter close to the Fan and run it for several minutes at different speeds to get an accurate reading. Once you have this number, compare it to the ideal noise level of 45 dB or lower. If your Fan exceeds that level, consider replacing it with a quieter model.


Quiet fans let you have a cooler home without interrupting your peace of mind. We have examined and compared different fan models on the Indian market, then picked out some of the best for you. You need to factor in size, noise level and energy efficiency before making your choice. Just put the right Fan in; your home environment all year round will be serene and tranquil.

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