Finding the best geyser in India per your budget and requirements can be challenging. With so many water heater types and features, selecting one may take some time. You can choose from anything ranging from the finest American brands like A.O. Smith to the most trusted and reputed Indian manufacturers like Usha and Bajaj Electricals; instant heaters that provide hot water without any wait to water heaters that can retain hot water for almost 8-10 hours. Consumer demands may be endless- but the features and services these manufacturers offer are doing all they can to fulfill them.

To help you find the best water heaters in India, we have shortlisted from this large variety and reviewed the top 7 best water heaters in India. With this list, you should learn what each of these has to offer and if it will fulfill your requirement. Let us go through these water heaters before we discuss more about what features you must look at while shopping for the best geyser in India.

Below are the best Water Heater geysers in India

Key Features:

25-litre storage tank
5-star BEE energy efficiency rating
Blue-diamond glass lining on the tank
Warranty: 2 years comprehensive, 3 years for heating, and 7 years for the inner tank.

You must mention A.O.Smith, and this Vertical Storage Heater from their SGS-Green series is the reason to talk about India’s top 7 best water heaters. This vertical water heater comes with a 25-litre storage tank. It has a 3,000 Watt rating and is 5-star rated for energy efficiency. The temperature adjustment knob lets you set how hot you want the water to be.

The inner tank is highly corrosion-resistant due to the blue-diamond glass lining. The heating element is also glass coated for protection. Further, the outer body uses ABS, adding to corrosion resistance. These make it suitable for use with hard water as well. The geyser has an 8-bar pressure rating, making it also suitable for high-rise buildings.

You get a 3-year warranty on the heating element, a 2-year comprehensive warranty, and 7 years on its inner tank.

  • 5-star rating means high energy efficiency
  • High corrosion adds to its durability.
  • Compact design
  • Free installation only in a few cities; need to get mandatory accessories separately
  • No readings on the temperature adjustment knob
  • Pan-India service not available

Key Features:

15-litre storage tank
4-star BEE energy efficiency rating
Corrosion protection with glass-lined tank
Warranty: 2-year comprehensive and 5-year on inner tank

Equipped with a 2KW heating element, the New Shakti Vertical Water Heater from Bajaj has a 15-liter storage tank. This storage tank has a glass-lined coating to provide better protection against corrosion. A PUF coating on the tank helps it retain the water temperature to keep it hot for longer, even after the heater is switched off. The heating element is made of Incoloy, which prolongs its life and increases efficiency. The outer body is also made using high-quality plastic for better durability.

This water heater is rated 4 stars for energy efficiency. It also has multiple safety features, including a fire-retardant cable, multipurpose valve, and protection against over & dry heating. Bajaj backs this heater with a 2-year comprehensive warranty and a 5-year warranty on its inner tank. You get free installation with this water heater, and connecting pipes would be provided by their authorized professional.

  • Multiple safety features with overheating protection
  • Highly-durable and long-lasting inner tank
  • Free installation, no separate purchase required
  • Not recommended for places that get only hard water supply
  • The temperature control knob does not have exact readings
  • No separate warranty cover on the heating element

Key Features:

15-liter storage tank
4-star BEE energy efficiency rating
High-quality cold-rolled steel tank
Warranty: 2 years comprehensive, 2 years for heating element, and 5 years for inner tank

The Arno Neo 15-litre storage water heater from Crompton uses a heating element made of Copper with Polymers which prolongs its life and provides faster heating. This geyser is rated at 2,000 watts. The Magnesium-Anode rod makes this water heater highly corrosion-resistant. The single-weld design helps to minimize any leakage from its storage tank.

This water heater has an 8-bar pressure rating. The temperature-adjustable knob lets you set how hot water you need. The PUF coating maintains water temperature even after switching off the water heater.

You get a 2-year comprehensive warranty for its heating element, while the storage tank has a 5-year warranty.

  • Energy efficient operation
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Suitable for use in areas with hard water, high-rise buildings, and high-pressure pumps
  • No free installation
  • No additional warranty beyond 2-years on the heating element
  • Poor after-sales service from Crompton

Key Features:

25-litre storage tank
4-star BEE energy efficiency rating
Thick-gauge steel tank with a glass-line coating
Warranty: 2-year comprehensive, 3-years for heating element, and 5-year on inner tank

The best geyser in India manufactured by an Indian company is the Victo 25-litre storage water heater by V-Guard, rated 2000 Watts. The outer body of this geyser is made using mild steel and an anti-corrosive powder. The inner tank constructed using a single-line weld uses thick-gauge steel with a glass-lined coating. You can use it extensively with hard water without affecting its life or performance.

This water heater has a temperature control dial to get just the right temperature for bathing. It uses a multi-layer system for safety, which includes a thermostat-based cut-off, a multi-use valve, and a Magnesium anode to protect against corrosion.

  • Free installation, all accessories provided in the box
  • Excellent after-sales service by V-Guard
  • Multiple features to ensure safety
  • Takes more time to heat water as compared to other geysers
  • Does not retain water temperature beyond 4 hours
  • Not recommended for high-rise buildings due to no high-pressure rating

Key Features:
15-litre storage tank
1200 gm powerful heating element
BEE 5-star energy efficient rating
Warranty: 2-year comprehensive, 2-years for heating element, and 7-years for inner tank

Crompton Solarium is a compact, sleek, 2000-Watt, 15-liter storage water heater compatible with high-rise buildings and areas that receive hard water. This water heater has a powerful heating element that provides faster heating. It is rated up to 8-bar pressure. There is a 3-level safety mechanism, including cut-outs and thermostats.

The outer body is designed to be highly resistant to heat and rust, thus prolonging its life. The storage tank is coated with polymers for prevention from corrosion. Installation is free but purchase the inlet/outlet pipes separately. Its inner tank has a 2-year comprehensive warranty and a 7-year warranty.

  • Heats water quickly
  • Suitable for use with hard water
  • Recommended for high-rise buildings and use with water pumps
  • Temperature control knob does not have any helpful indicator/labels
  • Poor after-sales service from Crompton
  • Need to buy inlet-outlet pipes separately

Key Features:

6-litre storage, instant water heater
High- power fast heating element
BEE 5-star energy efficiency rating

Among the best water heaters in India if you are looking for an instant geyser is the Racold Pronto Neo with 6-liter storage. This 3,000 Watt water heater uses a high-power heating element to deliver hot water almost instantly. It uses a thick PUF layer to maintain the temperature.

The heater is designed to have high-pressure resistance, so you can use it with high-pressure pumps and high-rise buildings. It uses a stem-type thermostat to shut off and prevent overheating automatically. Installation is not free, and you must purchase the inlet-outlet pipes separately. There is a 2-year comprehensive warranty, including the heating element, and a 5-year warranty on its storage tank.

  • Instantly heats water, no waiting
  • 5-star energy efficiency
  • High pressure resistance, can be used at any height
  • Installation and inlet-outlet pipes cost extra
  • Low capacity of storage tank
  • Not recommended for regular use in areas with hard water

Key Features:

25-litre storage tank
Copper heating element with fast heating
BEE 5-star energy efficiency rating
Warranty: 2 years comprehensive, 3 years for heating element, and 7 years for inner tank

Usha Misty is one of India’s top 7 best water heaters, utilizing an advanced ‘Whirl Flow’ technology with the copper heating element to provide faster and energy-efficient heating. This water heater has a 2,000 Watt rating. It also has a Magnesium anode that works to prevent corrosion and rust. The outer body is also made of ABS to enhance this water heater’s durability further.

It uses a 5-step safety mechanism to protect against over-pressure, over-heating, and electrical leakages. With the BEE 5-star rating and its fast heating technology, you can expect high energy savings with this heater. There is no free installation; you must purchase the inlet and outlet pipes separately if you still need them. You get a 2-year comprehensive warranty with a 3-year warranty on its heating element and a 7-year warranty on the inner tank.

  • Fast heating, energy efficient operation
  • High-quality product from the trusted brand name of Usha
  • Works with hard water without any effect on performance
  • No temperature control knob
  • Installation and accessories cost extra
  • Not a compact design, requires a large wall area for installation

Best Water Heaters in India: Buying Guide

Now that you know what the top 7 best water heaters in India have to offer, you must also know what features to consider before choosing one. It is what we will talk about next, covering the most important aspects of a water heater and what it means for you.

Types of Water Heater

The first significant distinction is the type of water heater. There are 2 significant types here- instant and storage water heaters.

Instant Water Heaters

As the name suggests, these water heaters provide hot water instantly. There is no waiting involved with an instant heater. They are ideal for small families’ use in kitchens and washrooms, and most have a storage capacity between 1-6 liters.

No waiting; instant hot water
Small and compact design

Little or no storage capacity (limited to 6-8 liters)
Need to be kept on as long as hot water is required

Storage Water Heaters

On the other hand, storage water heaters come with a storage tank ranging from 5 to 25 liters or even more in some cases. These take around 10-15 minutes (or more, depending on the model) to provide hot water.

The large storage tank can retain hot water for hours
More energy efficient, hot water in the tank can be used when switched off

Larger and occupy more space than instant geysers
We need to wait for some time as the water heats

Power Consumption and Electricity Savings

Power consumption of water heaters is among the most important things to consider, as it decides how much you will end up paying for electricity while using the geyser. The first thing to check is the power rating. The higher the rating, the more energy it consumes, which means faster heating but more cost of electricity. For instance, a 3kWh or 3,000 Watt-rated electric water heater will consume 3 units in an hour. Thus, unless you live in an area where the water is freezing throughout the year, a 2,000-Watt heater may be sufficient.

Next, check the BEE energy efficiency rating. The higher the rating, the more will be the energy savings. 5-star rated appliances are the most energy-efficient. 4 and 5-star rated water heaters consume less electricity than lower-rated water heaters.

In the case of storage heaters, choose one with an insulated tank that retains water temperature for longer. It ensures you have to switch on the geyser less and can use the heated water even after 6-7 hours.

You must ensure that the geyser you choose has multiple measures for ensuring safety. Any electric geyser must have a thermostat-based cut-off mechanism. It stops the geyser from heating further when it reaches a certain temperature. It prevents overheating as well as dry heating. Geysers must also have a pressure rating if they are to be used with pressure pumps or in high-rise buildings. Check the maximum pressure rating and ensure it is appropriate for your home location and water supply. Multi-functional valve, insulated outer body, and 3-pin connections are other important safety features that you must look at.


The durability of the water heater depends on its construction. Does its heating element come with an extended warranty, like 5 years or more? It must also have protection against corrosion and rust, such as a Magnesium Anode, glass lining on the heating element, and the tank and extra coating on the outer surface to protect against rust. All these features ensure that your geyser can continue to perform for years without causing any problems.

Availability of service centers and authorized personnel

All brands do not have authorized personnel available for servicing and installation across India. Before you buy, check the availability of its installation services and authorized personnel in your area. It will be helpful in case you have to get any servicing done during its warranty period. While local electricians may be able to install the geyser, it is always advisable to get it set up by a brand-authorized professional.

What to keep in mind before you buy a geyser?

  • Now that you know the most important things to consider, let us go over some of the most important points that you must keep in mind before you finalize a water heater:
  • Does it have sufficient storage capacity per your family size and usage?
  • If your home receives hard water, has multiple features to protect against corrosion and deposits on the tank and heating element?
  • Do you have sufficient wall space (horizontally or vertically) to install the geyser?
  • How energy efficient is the water heater?
  • What are the various safety features built-in it?
  • What is the warranty on the geyser and its different parts, like the heating element and storage tank?


When you consider all the above points before buying the best water heater for your home, you can ensure that you get one that not only provides you value for money now but also provides an efficient and energy-efficient operation in the long run. While each of the products we reviewed above is excellent on almost all the above points, A.O. Smith’s Green Series water heater is the all-rounder.

The vertical storage water heater may just be the ideal choice for you. This 5-star rated geyser is energy efficient, has an insulated 25-liter storage tank that keeps water hot for several hours, and has a range of features for safe and efficient operation. You can easily use it with hard water for years without any issues since it is highly resistant to corrosion and rust. With the trusted backing of American engineering and customer service, A.O. Smith will surely provide you value for money as a long-lasting product.