Top 14 Best Trimmers in India (2024) – Reviews & Buyers Guide

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A properly groomed man is praised everywhere. Especially for Indian men, grooming is a vital part of their life. Maintaining a beard and mustache is associated with the pride of Indians.

With a proper trimmer, you can set your look. And you don’t need to come in contact with other people in an air-packed room like a salon without masks (as you cannot trim your bread with a mask!!!). So buying a trimmer is the safest option for you to look handsome. There are varieties of trimmers available online. You can get trimmers for shaving or trimming your beard. You can get the best electric shavers for even cutting short your hair.

You can even get a nose trimmer to pluck the annoying hair growth inside your nose. You can order the one you like and deliver it to your doorstep. But because of so many options, you may naturally get a bit confused. Please do not take the stress as we are here for your rescue. Here is a brief review of the top electric trimmers in India. You will also find a complete guide for buying the best trimmer for yourself. So research here and then buy the perfect trimmer for your hair.

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PHILIPS Smart Beard Trimmer

The PHILIPS Smart Beard Trimmer is a high-quality grooming tool designed to help you achieve a perfectly styled beard with ease. It features a range of smart features and advanced technology to ensure precise and effortless trimming.

Why should I buy a trimmer?

Buying a trimmer is beneficial in many ways. You can save a lot of time with a trimmer. You do not need to go to the salon and wait for a haircut or shave. A traditional razor, on the other hand, can take about 20 minutes to give you a clean shave. But a trimmer can do it in 5 minutes. With a trimmer, you will get a more styling options for your beard. You can set the length you want and have a quick trim.

With a regular razor, you can have a clean shave or, to some extent, a short stubble beard.  A razor is not at all compatible with long beard looks. A trimmer is more portable for traveling and storing and takes less space. With a razor, you must take shaving cream, blades, aftershave lotion, etc. But you can take a mini portable trimmer anywhere. Some cordless trimmers do not require a charge for many days. So it is very much helpful to have a trimmer at home.

Best Trimmers Under 3000rs

Philips Cordless Beard Trimmer

Philips BT3215/15 cordless beard trimmer(Black

Phillips is the most trusted trimmer brand in India. They are most of the Indian’s favorites. And we are sure that everyone will also love this model. It has all the developments you are looking for in your trimmer. Its innovative lift and trim system enables it to cut up or trim up to 30 percent faster. Its blades are self-sharpening, which means it will work perfectly for years. The rounded-up tips and combs, on the other hand, will be soft on your skin and prevent any cuts or irritation.


Both coded and cordless uses- you can use it in both ways. You can use it for 90 minutes without cords, enough to trim your beard.

20 different length settings- you can turn the wheel and get the desired length of your beard. And if you want the zero-beard look, remove the comb; that’s it.

Self-sharpening titanium blades- the titanium blades are strong and sharper and will give you a first-class trimming experience.

  • You are getting up to 90 minutes of cordless use in one full charge which is quite impressive
  • You are getting 2 plus 2-year warranty after registration which is huge for any trimmer
  • The cutting speed is truly faster and smoother
  • You will get a good quality travel pouch for pouch along with it. It will keep your trimmer and its parts intact inside it.
  • It makes a lot of noise
  • Considering the price, it does not look that much premium
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Ustraa BLACK 200 Corded & Cordless Stainless Steel Blade Beard Trimmer

Ustraa BLACK 200 Corded & Cordless Stainless Steel Blade Beard Trimmer, Lithium-ion Battery, Up to 120 mins cordless runtime

This is yet another best beard trimmers in India. Its battery is the main plus point here. You will get a lithium-ion battery that can run from 90 to 120 minutes in one full charge of 60 minutes. Also, you can use it while plugged in. The stainless steel blades are titanium coated for long-lasting performance and in a ‘T’ shape to give you extra coverage. You will get this trimmer with 2 years warranty.


ABS combs- ABS combs are much better than plastic ones. They do not bend easily or rattle against the blade. They also remove the knots in your air easily.

Rubber grips- there is rubber coating to give you extra grip while shaving

Lithium-ion battery- its battery is its biggest advantage. You can use it without charge for even up to 20 days.

  • The battery capacity is truly impressive. It will give you up to 120 minutes of cordless performance
  • The T-shaped blades cover more area and provide quick trimming and shaving experience.
  • You will get 6 different-sized combs to style your beard in 6 different styles
  • This trimmer is nonwashable. It will be tedious to clean it every time with the supplied brush
  • The cutting experience is not that smooth. It can even cause cuts if you are not careful.
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SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper

SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper with Super Fast Charging, Runtime-90Mins, 20 Length Settings (Black)

SYSKA brings this hair clipper to troubleshoot your haircutting problems. For a last moment trimming and haircutting will do all. It will save you money in the long run because salons nowadays are not cheap. Here also, you will get a cordless battery backup of 90 minutes. The stainless steel blades are self-sharpening; you can wash the blades tough, not the entire body. You will get this all-in-one hair clipper on Amazon along with 2 years warranty.


4 stubble comb attachments- you will get 4 combs for your hairstyles. The four blades have a precision of 4 mm to 12 mm. Here also, you will get 20 length settings with 0.5 mm precision.

Corrosion-free ceramic blades- the stainless steel blades have a titanium finish and a ceramic coating for resisting corrosion. You can easily rub and wash this clipper’s head. But the body is not waterproof, so you must be careful while washing the blades.

Charging dock and travel lock- with only 1.5 hours pre-charging, this can endlessly run up to 90 minutes. So you don’t need to carry and attach the electric cord in the bathroom. While traveling, you can enable the safety lock feature, which will no longer start accidentally.

  • There is both an LED light indicator and a digital display to show the battery percentage.
  • The blades have an extra coating for preventing corrosion
  • The weight is very light with only 550 gram
  • This is not that capable for beard trimming. You will not get a clean shave if you are expecting to.
  • Blades get hot in few minutes of usage
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Panasonic ER307 Men’s Trimmer

Panasonic ER307 Men's Trimmer

This trimmer from Panasonic looks very sturdy and strong. It looks to be at your service for years. The design is quite different from other trimmers in the market. The gripping portion is slightly bent to give you superior grips while shaving. You can remove the blades and guards and rain them under a tap for washing and cleaning. You will get this powerful trimmer with a year warranty from Panasonic.


Ergonomic design- the design is smooth and easily adjustable. The blades will glide through the ups and downs of your face easily. Its portable design is convenient and easy to carry.

Mighty blades-the blades look sharp and feel strong. The durable grade stainless steel is best for long-lasting performance

Multi-faced design- this has a relatively simple and old-fashioned design for your daily use and easy understanding. You can adjust the knob to get your desired length.

Quick-adjust dial- here, you will get a rotating dial to set your beard length. Here you will get your length in 12 different steps varying from 2 mm to 18 mm.

  • In one charge you will get up to 40 minutes of continuous performance
  • The Japanese technology blades are stronger and quicker
  • You can wash the blades by removing it from the body of the trimmer
  • Slightly overpriced
  • Battery performance is poor than other similarly priced trimmers
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Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer

 Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer with Fast Charging - 40 length settings

This trimmer is classy in the real sense. It has a powerful battery with super fast charging capacity. You will also get a LED battery indicator on the body. The shiny black dial, which gives you up to the settings of 40 lengths, shines brightly on the black matte body of the trimmer. Mi even claims this trimmer to be fully washable. Not just the combs, but here you can wash the trimmer entirely. So this can be a perfect choice if you are concerned about hygiene. You will also get 1 years warranty from Mi.


Stainless steel blades- the stainless steel blades are shiny, long-lasting, and corrosion-free. The blades have self-sharpening technology, giving you the feeling of being new even after several years.

40 length settings- you will get the settings of 40 lengths options with 0.5mm precision only by turning the length adjusting knob. Also, you will get a couple of combs for having even trim all over your face.

IPX7 fully washable body- you can wash it afterward. It will make your trimmer clean from the smallest hair particles.

Travel safety lock- you can turn on its travel safety lock feature during travel. It will prevent accidents. To activate the lock, you must press and hold the power button for three seconds.

  • Even the stainless steel blades have smooth rounded tips to prevent any irritation to your skin.
  • It has a very catchy desirable look
  • Its unique quad edge design will give you an easy grip
  • Mi is a Chinese brand, and right now the future of Chinese products in India is not that well
  • The blade and entire trimmer body get hot very easily
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Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver

 Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer and Shaver with 3 Trimming Combs (Lime Green)

This is also among the best trimmers for men in India. Phillips has a strong base in the Indian market and innovates its products constantly. With its unique and revolutionary one-blade technology, you can easily style, trim, and shave. It looks like a traditional razor but with a battery attached to it.


Dual-sided blade- the dual-sided blade helps you easily get the to-and-fro movement. You can easily go against the grains without twisting your wrist. A protective layer is on top of the blade to protect your skin from cuts.

3 click-on trimming combs- you will get 3 trimming lengths; 1 mm, 3mm, and 5 mm. You must attach one of the click-on combs on the blade to enable it.

One durable blade- the blade is more durable and long-lasting than traditional shaves. You will have to change it or replace it every 4 months.

  • The unique one blade system keeps your skin soft and cuts free
  • You will get 45 minutes of constant battery support
  • It is completely water-resistant; you can use it wet or dry in both ways.
  • The replacement blades are costly, and you will need them every 4 months
  • Instead of having double-sided blades, it cannot give you a clean shave like a regular razor.
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Braun BT3020 Beard Trimmer

Braun BT3020 Beard Trimmer for Men (Black)

This trimmer comes with a shiny black outer body. With it also, you can get different looks with different beard lengths. Here you will get 20 length settings between 1 to 20 mm. You must keep the device under 5⁰ to 35⁰ C while charging. The ambient temperature of shaving is 15⁰ C to 35⁰. also, this trimmer will only charge when it is switched off. That you cannot shave or trim while charging.


Lifetime lasting blades- the strong and durable stainless steel blades will last for a lifetime

Contour edging- it has the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor with Flexball technology. It will define lines and create contours more prominently.

Simple system- it is straightforward to handle with its length-changing knob.

  • You will get 2 years to guarantee from the manufacturer and replace the product in case of any damage
  • You can change 20 precision lengths in 0.5 mm steps for your short or broad beard
  • You can clean the blade and combs under clear running water
  • It requires 8 prolonged hours of charging to give you only 60 minutes of service
  • You cannot plug in this trimmer and get a shave which is the biggest drawback
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Best Trimmers Under 1000rs (Budget-Friendly)

Lifelong LLPCM05 Cordless Beard Trimmer

Lifelong LLPCM05 Cordless Beard Trimmer,1 Year Warranty (Black) Runtime: 50 mins

If budget is an issue for you and you want an affordable trimmer, this is the one. This trimmer from Lifelong comes at a decent price on Amazon. Please do not take it for granted by listing its price. It has everything in it. And you will even get a 1-year warranty with it.   


Up to 50 minutes of cordless service- you will get almost an hour of cordless hassle-free service with a full charge. It is more than enough for just a beard trimming; you will require hardly 10 to 15 minutes.

Stainless steel detachable, washable blades- here, you can maintain hygiene as the stainless steel blades are completely detachable and washable.

Fully charged in 8 hours- you will get a USB cable for easy and complete charging in 8 hours.

  • Its weight is only 220 g which is very light. Even smartphones are heavier than this now.
  • Even in this low-budget trimmer, you are getting a great 1-year warranty
  • Looks decently good
  • This is a Chinese product, so you cannot trust its performance
  • The charging time is too long and tiresome
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Philips BT1215/15 USB cordless beard trimmer

Philips BT1215/15 USB cordless beard trimmer (black)

Phillips brings you this one of the best trimmers for men at a truly affordable price. It has everything you want in your regular trimmer. The self-sharpening blades will work 4 timers better than an ordinary trimmer. You can even wash the hair and debris stuck on the blades under tap water. Moreover, you are getting 2 years warranty on a product of a decent price.


Long-lasting battery life- it has DuraPower technology that lowers the friction rate on the blades. As a result, the motor and battery do not get overloaded. Thus the battery life gets increased by 4 times here.

USB charging option- here, you will get a USB cable and the trimmer for more flexible charging. You can charge throw your computer or by any other USB adapter.Self-sharpening blades- while trimming, the stainless steel blades lightly brush against each other. It helps them to get sharp and fit even after years of continuous use.

  • The USB charging option is very convenient now. You do not need to find out another plug point to charge your trimmer. Just charge it on your computer or by using your smartphone’s adapter.
  • You are getting a 2 years warrant which is outstanding and provides you proof of its long-lasting performance
  • Rounded-up blades are skin friendly in use
  • Takes 8 hours to charge and deliver only 30 minutes of cordless performance which is a drawback
  • The beard length setting options are also limited
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Nova NHT 1073 USB Cordless Trimmer

Nova NHT 1073 USB Cordless Trimmer for Men (Black)

Nova brings this all-rounder trimmer for you at a decent price. With this much spending, you can get a titanium steel blade, 9-length settings, USB charging, and powerful 45 minutes of cordless performance. You are even getting a safety lock system for your protection.


45 minutes run time- the battery is powerful enough to give you 45 minutes of continuous trimming and short length (up to 0.15 mm) haircutting experience.

9 length setting- in this trimmer, you will get from 2 mm to 18 mm length of trimming. With the safety protection on the blades, you will get your desired look without harming your skin.

Titanium blade- the titanium steel blades are potent and give you perfect precision to achieve your desired style. The blades can cut through long and thick hair without pulling or tugging it.

  • USB cable gives you flexible charging options.
  • The detachable head enables you to wash the blades without any worry
  • Wide range of adjustable length setting options at such a low price
  • You cannot use it while charging
  • The blade is sharp to give you cuts if you give a bit more pressure
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Best Professional Trimmers in India

Wahl Professional 08466-424 Super Taper Professional Corded Clipper

Wahl Professional 08466-424 Super Taper Professional Corded Clipper

This clipper is for professionals. You can use it to give a neat look to your customer instantly. It is an extremely powerful clipper; you should handle it carefully. You will get this clipper along with 2 years warranty on Amazon.


Electromagnetic motor- this professional clipper has a potent electromagnetic motor. The motor enables a blade speed of 14,400 strokes per minute. But on the contrary, the motor is relatively noiseless and energy-efficient.

Super useful thumb lever- here, you will not have to change the combs and blades to get different lengths on your hair. Here you have a convenient thumb lever to adjust the texture of the blade to have different hairstyles.

Chrome-plated blades- the chrome-plated blades give precise cuts and help you to make even outlines.

  • Suitable for any hair and beard styling
  • Will give you a salon-like finish with the premium quality blades
  • The mighty and efficient blade will evenly cut you long hair in minimum time
  • Does not contain a travel bag which is necessary for this much bulky trimmer with so many accessories with it
  • The price is quite high
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Best Nose Trimmers in India

Panasonic ER417K44B Nose Trimmer

Panasonic ER417K44B Nose and Hair Battery Operated Ergonomic Design Trimmer

If you want to eliminate those unwanted facial and nostrils hairs, then Panasonic brings you this awesome trimmer. With its help, you can become perfectly groomed in the true sense. It has a rotary cutting system that helps the hair enter the trimmer tip both from the top and sides. Thus this trimmer is truly convenient for removing unwanted nostrils, hairs, and hairs from eyebrows and ears. You will get a 1-year warranty too.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Cordless performance
  • Rotary cutting blade system with 60 degrees sharp inner blade edge
  • This trimmer can work in both wet and dry conditions. So you can take it during your shower and quickly trim it as it is cordless.
  • Its gentle curve design is easy to grip
  • . It gives a close cut but cannot remove the unwanted hair entirely.
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Lifelong LLPCM03 Rechargeable Nose Trimmer

Lifelong LLPCM03 Rechargeable Nose Trimmer, with One Year Warranty

Unwanted hair is a problem for both sexes. So Lifelong brings you this Unisex nose trimmer to pluck off all the extra hair from your face. The plus point is here you will get 40 minutes of consistent cordless usage in one recharge. The product price is only very low with a one-year warranty.


  • The Ni-CD battery will charge in 8 hours and give you up to 40 minutes of hassle-free cordless service.
  • You can remove the washable head of the trimmer and clean it by using water
  • Here you will get a USB cable to charge your trimmer wherever you want
  • 1-year assurance from the manufacturer
  • Prolonged 40 minutes of trimming at a time
  • Easy-grip and affordable price
  • The origin is China
  • Quite a bit noisy than others
  • The tip gets warm soon
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Philips NT1150/10 Nose Trimmer

Philips NT1150/10 Nose Trimmer (Black)

This nose trimmer is classy in looks and gives you a premium grooming experience too. With protective technology and Phillip’s 2 years worldwide guarantee, you can buy this at a reasonable price from Amazon.


  • The cutting system has different cutting slots for each hair
  • The protective cap keeps dust away and protects the blade during storage
  • This cordless trimmer runs on an AA battery. You don’t need to wait for charging. You can take it and trim it whenever you want.
  • Fully washable body
  • 2 years warranty from Phillips
  • Thinner tip for easy reach into difficult places
  • Comparatively Long hairs got stuck into it
  • Price is a bit expensive
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Important things to consider before buying

Brands- The brand name is important for buying any product, especially an electrical one. Though men do not have any particular choice in brand names yet, it is a normal human tendency to buy from a popular brand. Also, we need to choose a good brand because top brands produce quality products. A good brand will give you a quality product with a good warranty period. Philips is one of the best brands in India.

Cord vs. Cordless- This can be your biggest dilemma before buying a trimmer. The cordless trimmers provide better flexibility and anywhere use. On the other hand, a corded one reduces your constant tension of getting out of battery midway. It is your personal choice. But we suggest you buy one that supports corded and cordless trimming.

Types- There are different types of trimmers available in the market. A hair clipper is best if you want to cut your hair short along with your beard. For only beard trimming, you can buy a beard trimmer. And for removing nasal hair, you can buy a nose and ear trimmer. Women prefer a bikini trimmer for sensitive underarms or to shave bikini lines. So it depends on your requirement only.

Safety- Safety is the most important condition before buying a trimmer, as it will deal with your face directly. So it would help to buy a trimmer that offers an easy grip. It will reduce the chances of accidental slips. The trimmer should have a safety lock feature so you can travel or store it without worry. There should be safety combs or guards on your trimmer so that you do not cut your face accidentally.

Charge Time- charge time is also vital. You cannot let your trimmer occupy a plug point for an entire day. More improved trimmers consume less time and energy. So look for the trimmer that gets charged quickly and serves for a long time. A more powerful and high-capacity battery will take longer to charge fully. It is justified. But if a low-capacity battery with only 20 minutes of runtime wants 8 to 10 hours of charge, it wastes your time, money, and electricity.

Runtime- run time is yet another vital condition. The greater runtime is better. It simply means you will get more time for styling your beard. It means you will not get worried about getting out of battery while trimming. It means you can easily take your trimmer in your bathroom and trim while looking at your bathroom mirror. You don’t need to have a plug point near them. So a better runtime is always a criterion for buying top electric trimmers.

Precision Power- The varieties of length setting and their precision is also important. You will get 0.05mm of precision length in most trimmers. The more length variations you get, the more it is better for your beard styling.

Blades- blades are the main thing of your trimmer. They will do the main task. So they must be efficient enough to give you an irritation-free smooth cutting. The blade should glide through your beard, not pluck or pull your hair. A stainless steel blade is the general choice of people. It is rust-free and sharp. On the other hand, titanium blades are now getting popular. These blades are extremely hard-wearing and corrosion-free.

Dry or Wet- Some may like to get a dry shave or trim, and some like their beard to be wet. It would help if you bought your trimmer according to your preference. If you like to wet your beard, ensure your trimmer is waterproof or water-resistant. If the entire body is not waterproof, then at least buy the one that has a washable detachable blade top. It will help you to clean the blades more easily.

Travel Size (small vs. Large)- Men do need shaves or trim in two to three days intervals. So it is very likely that you will need a trimmer while traveling for weeks. Thus, it would help to have a travel pack and your trimmer. Check if your trimmer’s travel size is compact or takes up too much space. It should also have to be light in weight for easy traveling.

Noise- The continuous monotonous noise before your ear can be the most irritating thing while trimming. So it would help if you choose a trimmer that causes less noise and does its job silently.

Price- last but not the least. When buying anything, price is the most important criterion. It is true that to get a good quality product, you will have to spend some extra. But that does not mean overpriced products are best. You need to look for the features in terms of the price. The brand that offers more features at an affordable price wins the race here.

How to trim your beard/mustache the right way?

  1. Keep it clean and soft- for easy trimming, you must first keep your beard clean and soft. For many reasons, a dry and messy long beard is not good for you. It is better to wash your beard with a beard shampoo before trimming it. Then dry your beard. And once it becomes soft and silky, then you are trimming ready.
  2. Comb your beard or mustache- it is essential to comb your beard before trimming. It will straighten your hair, and the blades will easily glide through them.
  3. Cut your mustache along your lip with the trimmer- to make your mustache a shape, you need to trim it along the line of your lip. To do it at first, start working from the outer part of the mustache till you reach the center. After reaching there, from one side, could you do it again with the second side?
  4. To make a clean line, clean the upper portion of the mustache and trim the upper portion. Clean the unwanted hair growth. Clean the area near the nose so it does not look like long nasal hair.
  5. Comb and decrease the total volume of the mustache- now set your trimmer comb length higher at first to get a safe trim. Then reduce the length according to your need.
  6. Comb again to see if any hair you miss to trim- now do a little combing to check if you miss out any long hair or not. If yes, then trim it, too.
  7. Now lift the mustache to shave the corners of your lip- now that your mustache is ready, it is time for the beard. Lift the tips of the mustache with one hand and clean the edges of the lip to get a clear look.
  8. For beard trimming, go with the longest setting at first- to do your beard first, try the largest length setting and check if it suits your beard length. Then if you want a thinner layer, reduce the length of your trimmer. Run the trimmer from up towards down along with your face.
  9. Define your neckline and cheek line- for having a professional-looking trim, you need to create the neckline horizontally just above your Adam’s apple. And for the cheek line, go for a straight or slightly rounded line to the bottom of your side bones.
  10. Use mustache wax or beard cream to shine your beard and mustache- at last, use a beard cream or gel to fix and shine your beard.


Can we wash the trimmer with water?

You can wash your trimmer only if it is water-resistant. Some trimmers have detachable heads to wash the blades in cold or warm running water. Some trimmers are also offering now fully washable bodies. So you can easily take your trimmer and trim beneath the shower. But while doing so, make sure it is cordless. Any electric connection can give you shocks and spikes.

Can we use a trimmer while charging?

You can use your trimmer while charging if it supports it. Some trimmers work when corded, and some only when they are cordless. And some trimmers can work in both conditions. You can buy this type of model to get the benefit of them both. You can use it for as long as you want because it will not run out of battery. You can also use it cordless whenever you need it.

Which trimmer is best for a clean shave?

There should be no space between your beard and the trimmer blades for a clean shave. Even doing so, an ordinary trimmer may not give you that clean shaving look you want. For this, you can buy Philips S5050/06 Aquatouch Electric Shaver. It has 5-direction flex heads with 5 independent movements to ensure close skin contact and effortless skin shaving.

Which one is better Titanium Blade or Stainless Steel?

Both have their benefits. Titanium is stronger and has a higher corrosion resistance capacity. It is almost half the density (weight) of steel. On the other hand, steel is a hard metal, meaning a stainless steel blade will remain sharp for a long time. Steel is less expensive too. Thus for a balance between the two, some trimmers offer you stainless steel blades with titanium coating.

Best way to do the trimmer maintenance?

To maintain your trimmer and let it work for years, you must show some care. After every shaving, clean the blades with proper care. Wash it in clear running water. Use the tiny brush provided to clean off the hair particles and debris. Then let it dry in a clean, dry place. Then pack it properly in the product box or travel pack you are provided with. Occasionally use the oil you are provided and the trimmer to lubricate the blades.

Can a trimmer be used near private parts of the body?

A trimmer with a safety guard and multiple-length setting combs can be used on your private parts. Using the blades directly to clean and shave the area around your private parts is not recommended. And now you can buy bikini trimmers. These are specially built for removing hairs from your private parts, just as their name suggests.

Can we also trim nose hairs with the regular trimmer?

No, for obvious reasons, you cannot trim your nose hairs with a regular trimmer. The blades of a regular trimmer will not let you do so. For this, you can buy any nose trimmer. You can have a look here and decide what you want.

What is the lifespan of a trimmer?

It depends largely on how you use and maintain it. Proper care can easily serve you for up to 5 years. Some top brands for trimmers even give you two years of warranty. You cannot make promises with an electrical appliance. So it is better to have a good warranty backup.


So a trimmer is essential nowadays. Buying a trimmer is a one-time investment. You buy it for once and get its service for years. You can take relief from shaving foams, water, aftershave irritations, rashes, and cuts from a razor. You can experiment with your looks on your own. Now, you do not need to run to a salon for a trim. And most importantly, you can buy the best beard trimmers from top brands by spending only two to three thousand rupees.

For long-lasting performance, Phillips BT3221/15 can be a good choice. If budget is a concern for you and if you want a decent trimmer on low budget, then the Lifelong LLPCM05 Cordless Beard Trimmer will cost you a meager price. If you want a smart trimmer that gets charged very quickly, then Mi Corded & Cordless Waterproof Beard Trimmer will be best for you. And if your requirement is for the maximum battery life, then nothing is better than the SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipperr. So take a look and grab the best one to suit you.

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